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PrO Unlimited

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HQ: Boca Raton, FL   |   201 - 500 employees  |  
PrO Unlimited delivers a full range of services to manage issues related to the procurement, selection, engagement and tracking of contingent (non-employee) workers; i.e. independent contractors, 1099 workers, consultants, temps and freelancers.

These services are powered by proprietary internet based software that is the most comprehensive and robust in the industry.

As a fast growing company that pioneered an industry, PrO has worked closely with its clients to greatly expand its service offerings every year since its inception in 1991. Today, PrO services a who's who list of Global and Fortune 500 companies. On an annual basis, the company works with thousands of contingent workers across the globe and processes billions of dollars in transactions through a network of more than 1,000 staffing suppliers.

PrO Unlimited's unique onsite program brings a new level of service to the third party management of your company's contingent staffing suppliers. As a non-staffing company, we utilize and impartially manage multiple quality staffing suppliers. These firms all operate as "primary" suppliers, competing to fill your orders on an equal basis. This highly competitive model promotes steeper volume discounts, faster order fulfillment and higher quality candidates for each position. PrO's Contingent Staffing Management services also include: consolidated billing, staffing supplier reviews, headcount and hours tracking, and security and background screening

PrO's solution helps clients reduce costs and addresses critical issues including: Supplier Management, Worker Classification, Lifecycle Tracking, Co-employment, Headcount & Expense Tracking and 1099 Management.
Global Headquarters
301 Yamato Road
Suite 3199
Boca Raton, FL 33431