Employer Quick Look

The Affinion Group

As the global leader in customer engagement and loyalty enhancement, Affinion Group maximizes the value of customer relationships by developing and marketing a wide-variety of solutions that address fundamental consumer needs.

With more than 35 years of expertise in customer engagement, product development and targeted marketing, Affinion provides programs in subscription-based lifestyle services, personal protection, insurance and other areas to help generate increased customer loyalty and significant incremental revenue for more than 5,550 marketing partners worldwide, including many of the largest and most respected companies in financial services, retail, travel, and Internet commerce.
At Affinion Group, we work together in an environment that embraces diversity, demands teamwork and leverages the unique qualities of each associate. We base our success on an open style that fosters fact based communication, innovative thinking and the highest level of integrity. Our focus is on anticipating and then exceeding the expectations of our customers every day in everything we do.
Mission and Vision
To be the recognized leader in creating, marketing and delivering trusted and affordable products and services that make everyday life more convenient, enjoyable and secure.
Dynamic - We are a company in constant motion. We are always moving, growing and changing with the needs of our clients and their customers, no matter how diverse they may be.

Innovative - We approach our business from a fresh perspective. We embrace creative thinking, candid communication and challenge ourselves to think outside the box.

Adaptable -We quickly adapt to ever-changing conditions by creating new products, programs and delivery methods.

Team Player - We are focused on realizing our full potential through the collective efforts of the group with emphasis on prioritization, trust, respect and accountability. We respect the diversity in thought and ideas that others bring to the business.

Leader - We judge leadership by action not position. We work as a team to develop our plans and provide people with the resources, authority and support to be successful.

Energetic - We have an irrepressible enthusiasm for our products, programs and people.