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Kirkland Village


Kirkland Village is a not-for-profit Continuing Care Retirement Community offering many employment opportunities. As a subsidiary of Presbyterian Senior Living , Kirkland Village is an integral part of an organization that has worked for more than 75 years building communities that make our residents feel at home. This connection provides Kirkland Village the strength of a relatively large organization, and the financial resources to provide the security that older adults expect from an organization that promises to be there for as long as needed, reflecting Presbyterian Senior Living’s commitment to people before profits. This is a place where staff can know each resident as an individual, and where resident likes and dislikes are recognized and accommodated whenever possible. We feel that caring for people is not just a job – it’s our calling.

Being not-for-profit gives our staff the freedom to concentrate on the needs of residents first without the dual responsibility of satisfying the needs of investors. This helps us to remain more sharply focused on meeting resident needs. We believe that the ability to express these higher values also enable us to attract employees and volunteers with a similar commitment to the people we serve.

Our Perfect Size
Presbyterian Senior Living has the strength of a relatively large organization, and the financial resources to provide the security that older persons expect from an organization that promises to be there for as long as they need us. Our BBB+ rating by Standard and Poor's is an affirmation of the financial strength behind this promise. Our individual facilities, however, are relatively small reflecting Presbyterian Senior Living's commitment to the personal touch. Our communities are places where the staff can know each resident as an individual, and where resident likes and dislikes are recognized and accommodated whenever possible.
Our Unique Communities
The common ingredient in every Presbyterian Senior Living location is the care and compassion articulated in the Mission Statement - everything else about each Presbyterian Senior Living community is unique. From the design of the buildings to the food service programs to the planned social and recreational activities, each Presbyterian Senior Living community has its own personality. Our residents work hand-in-hand with Presbyterian Senior Living management and staff to create the kind of communities they really want. Resident Self-Determination is how we describe the self-governance and active involvement our residents have in designing programs, participating in committees, as well as managing activities and events that direct Resident Life in each of our 14 communities.
Our Circle of Friends
The fellowship and sense of neighborhood in Presbyterian Senior Living communities are often listed as one of the primary benefits of retirement living. Each new person who comes to Presbyterian Senior Living soon recognizes the special relationships that come from being a part of our family. To read stories from actual residents, click on the link above.

The mission of Presbyterian Senior Livingis to offer Christian understanding, compassion and a sense of belonging to those whose needs may be physical, psychological, social, financial or spiritual in nature, by providing a full range of high-quality health care, housing and other related community services directed primarily to the elderly and which contribute to the wholeness of body, mind and spirit.


To continue to offer a full range of services in a way that reflects the love of Christ by:

  • Providing the highest quality of service to residents and clients.
  • Constantly seeking to improve the environment where employees and volunteers can express their calling to serve others.
  • Leading the field of retirement and supportive services in the application of innovation and state of the art technology to meet the needs of current and future residents.
  • Being involved with the diverse communities we serve.


  1. The philosophy of Presbyterian Senior Livingis grounded in the understanding of scripture concerning the divine purpose in creation and the dignity of humankind. Presbyterian Senior Livingstrives to provide services and living arrangements in a caring, Christ-like manner.

  2. Presbyterian Senior Livingendeavors to enhance the lives of older persons through the provision of a high quality of life and services in a cost effective manner. Free or subsidized care is provided to the maximum extent prudently allowed by the resources and charitable funds available to the organization.

  3. Presbyterian Senior LivingTrustees subscribe to the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and impartiality, and expects executive staff, all employees, volunteers, agents, vendors, and all associated with the organization to demonstrate these values in their daily conduct as an essential element in assuring the public trust in the organization and its mission.

  4. The ministry of Presbyterian Senior Livingis committed to reaching out to include all persons in the communities in which we serve, as recipients of care, employees, and volunteers.

  5. Basic to the Presbyterian Senior Livingphilosophy of care is respect for the dignity of individual customers and employees, recognizing that the organization’s greatest strength lies in its human resources.

  6. Presbyterian Senior Livingseeks to provide employees with a supportive, rewarding and challenging environment that gives opportunity for a satisfying work experience in the service of others. This value is reflected in respect and concern shown for each employee, suitable compensation, a commitment to employee participation and encouragement of professional development.

  7. Presbyterian Senior Livingseeks to provide a supportive environment in which volunteers can exercise creativity in serving others with enthusiasm and energy, while working with staff and community resources for the benefit of those we serve.

  8. Presbyterian Senior Livingis committed to active and informed voluntary leadership and stakeholders by disclosing information to Board members, staff, residents, and constituents enabling them to make informed decisions regarding the organization and its mission.
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