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From a community hospital 100 years ago to a regional health system today, Sparrow has become Mid- Michigan’s largest health care employer. The innovation, compassion and growth of our 687 bed teaching hospital and other services create unique opportunities for employment in all areas of healthcare. We house regional centers for: Cancer, Children, Diabetes, Neuroscience, Trauma/ER, Perinatal and Neonatal Intensive Care.

At Sparrow Health System you will enjoy attractive compensation packages and excellent benefits with a company that promotes a progressive atmosphere and fosters open communication between all members of our health care team.


We have comprehensive benefit programs including: health, dental and life insurance; tuition reimbursement; medical and pharmacy discounts; retirement and tax-deferred annuity plans; and an on-site day care facility.

Mid-Michigan, a place to call home…

Sparrow Health System’s primary location is in Lansing, Michigan’s state capital. Lansing is home to Michigan State University and offers an appealing combination of urban convenience and many cultural activities. We also have locations throughout the Mid-Michigan area. If you are looking for excellence, challenges, rewards, and a pleasant lifestyle…

Sparrow Human Resources is located on the 2nd floor of the Sparrow Professional Building at 1200 E Michigan Avenue in Lansing. You can reach them by phone at 517.364.5858.
Sparrow has long been committed to Diversity. In 1992, Sparrow established its first Workforce Diversity Plan, a rather progressive move. The value of diversity and cultural competence is what Sparrow understands and accepts as a challenge and commitment for Sparrow’s future and position in this community. Sparrow recognizes the vastly changing community and workforce and will seize the opportunities this diverse community has to offer. Diversity can be defined in many ways. For Sparrow, diversity is the collective mixture of differences and similarities. Differences are more than gender, racial or cultural. Diversity also includes age, education, economic, geographical, sexual orientation, physical and mental disabilities and abilities, religion, status in the workplace, union, non-union, personalities, ethnicity, etc. Thus, we all represent diversity and everyone is a unique individual. While everyone is a unique individual, there are similarities that exist amongst us. It is the similarities that we have that will create the common ground to bridge our differences. This is one of many goals Sparrow will strive to conquer. Sparrow must not only value diversity, it must effectively manage diversity. No longer is the melting pot approach acceptable. It is important to recognize individual differences are beneficial to the workplace. Valuing Associates' as unique individuals and managing diversity are priorities. Sparrow’s existing values and behavioral criteria (Policy # 30, 32 & 34) are excellent guidance tools for how we can respect the differences and build on the similarities to create an inclusive workplace. It is the responsibility of all Sparrow Associates to create an environment that is welcoming, comfortable and respectful to everyone.
Mission and Values

To improve the health of the people in our communities by providing quality, compassionate care to everyone, every time.


Sparrow will be recognized as a national leader in quality and patient experience.


Innovation: Finding new ways to improve the quality of health services.

Compassion: Providing radical loving care for everyone.

Accountability: Accepting responsibility for our actions.

Respect: Valuing diversity, inclusion and working well together.

Excellence: Achieving the best results in all we do.
Plan of Excellence Pillars
Plan of Excellence Pillars

People: Ensure Associates, Physicians, and Volunteers are engaged in creating a culture of safety, quality, service excellence and teamwork.

Service:Deliver the very best experience to everyone we serve, every time...no exceptions, no excuses.

Quality:Identify and adopt best practice processes to produce the best outcomes for safety and quality.

Resources:Ensure responsible stewardship of time, money, and people in support of our mission and vision.

Growth:Position Sparrow as the healthcare destination of choice and expand access to care throughout our region.
Sparrow Hospital
1215 E. Michigan Avenue
Lansing, Michigan 48912