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Griffin Industries

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Griffin Industries can trace its beginnings to the efforts of a determined young man, John L. Griffin. His philosophy - provide prompt service, combined with an efficient operation - enabled him to offer a more consistent product for a fair price. Griffin Industries, which began as a one man, one truck operation in 1943, is still operating under this same philosophy today.

Originally named "Falmouth Fertilizer Company," the company's primary service was to collect animal "waste" by-products from the surrounding rural counties. The early 1960s was the beginning of the company's first expansion efforts with the acquisition of a rendering plant in Columbus, Indiana.

In the 1960s and 1970s, John L. Griffin brought his sons into the expanding enterprise as Griffin Industries began acquiring new facilities, building a network that now stretches from the Northeast to the Southwestern United States. Today, Griffin's operations span 17 states with dozens of modern plants that recycle billions of pounds of material each year. Griffin uses this recycled material to develop products for many industries including the industrial and chemical, pet food and animal feed industries.

In 1993, Griffin acquired a bakery waste recycling company and named it Bakery Feeds. This proved to be a natural fit as the scrap bakery materials are recycled into animal feed ingredients.

The company's corporate headquarters is located in Cold Spring, Kentucky. Griffin Industries' commitment to the environment is reflected in its main office. In 1975, Griffin purchased a vacant, depleted building that was once a stately Kentucky mansion. This valuable landmark was restored to its original condition, preserving its original charm and character.

Privately owned and managed by the Griffin Family, Griffin Industries is a recognized leader in sanitary, efficient and punctual service to all customers. Although it's now a global business, the family still runs it the way John L. Griffin taught them - treating customers and associates the way they'd like to be treated themselves.
Bakery FeedsĀ® Collection Services

Bakery Feeds, a division of Griffin Industries, specializes in the collection of inedible bakery waste. Large bakery and snack food manufacturers produce their goods in such large volumes that even a small percentage of their products rejected for quality can produce hundreds of tons of waste each week.

Instead of discarding this waste in landfills, commercial bakeries look to the professionals at Bakery Feeds to provide solutions for the removal and secure disposal of their products.

Bakery Feeds is the only company in the industry that designs and manufactures its own collection systems and customized equipment to meet customers' varied needs.

Restaurant Collection Services

Griffin Industries is a forerunner and innovator in waste cooking oil collection and recycling. Striving to make the collection of waste cooking oil a cleaner and safer business, Griffin's professional approach to grease management assures the highest level of service. Waste cooking oils and trap grease are collected on a timely basis and are completely recycled in accordance with environmental regulations.

Griffin Industries can respond to the needs of the single operator or chains with regional coverage. Local management and service guarantee total customer satisfaction while our large regional network offers contract pricing and consolidated billing.

Griffin Industries is your One Source for Restaurant Oil and Grease Management.

Animal By-Product Removal Services

From grocery store meat departments to large slaughterhouses, poultry and pork plants, Griffin Industries offers professional and sanitary removal of all the inedible waste of meat processing. This includes the waste fat and bone trimmed at the meat counter in groceries as well as hides from cattle and pigs and the feathers from poultry. Materials are collected in our sanitized trailers and transported to our plant where they are recycled.
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