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Dentsply International

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HQ: York, PA   |   5,000 - 10,000 employees  |  

For over a century, DENTSPLY International has been committed to providing the dental community with innovative, high quality, cost effective dental products. From our humble beginnings in 1899, the Company has grown to become the largest professional dental products company in the world. From our facilities in 38 nations on six continents, the Company distributes its dental products in over 120 countries under some of the most well established brand names in the dental industry. Worldwide, the profession now depends upon DENTSPLY for innovative new products that advance the practice of dentistry.


From George Washingtons not-so-wooden teeth to Queen Victorias gilded dental instruments, the dental industry has experienced phenomenal growth and impressive changes throughout history. For more than a century, DENTSPLY International has been a catalyst for change and innovation. As a world-wide leader in the field, what we do is what we do best enhance lives by providing high-quality products for the dental community. Over the last century, DENTSPLY’s products have helped to advance the practice of dentistry around the world. Our mission has always been to develop innovative new solutions for the dental practitioner and the patient. Today, DENTSPLY’s innovation extends beyond customer solutions, focusing on benefits and solutions for our most valued resources – our associates. Our comprehensive benefits program is designed to meet the unique needs of our diverse team of associates. We want to make a positive impact on each life, just as our associates make a positive impact on business each and every day.

Mission and Values

DENTSPLY Mission Statement

Deliver solutions 'For Better Dentistry' that benefit practitioners and patients everywhere, optimizing our global resources to lead the industry in innovation, quality, and service.

DENTSPLY Core Values

1. Unquestionable Integrity
2. Mutual Respect
3. Unrestrained Thinking
4. Active Engagement
5. Maximize Competitive Advantage
6. Action Orientation
7. Embrace Accountability

DENTSPLY International
World Headquarters
Susquehanna Commerce Center
221 W. Philadelphia Street
P.O. Box 872
York, PA 17405-0872
Tel: (717) 845-7511