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Anyone who works for, or conducts business with Ring Container Technologies knows this is an outstanding company.

There are many things that make Ring special, but the most important are our people and the work environment we have created. Our “vision” for the Company is to have a work environment where people are challenged but can have fun. At the same time, we want a Company full of people who embrace positive change as both necessary and exciting.

Besides our people, what makes us better than our competitors?

* Focused plants to achieve best quality and service.

Ring grew and evolved as an industry leader by locating focused plants close to major customers. It is both our past and our future. Our “focused plant philosophy” is simply the best approach to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of our customers.

With the right people, work environment and the best business approach to servicing our customers, we will achieve the following goals:

* Sales Growth Above Industry Average
* We will grow faster than our competition and in a healthier way
* Best in Industry at Execution of Projects. In today’s world, you are expected to have the best technology, pricing and quality. What sets us apart is “execution.”
* Highest Financial Returns in the Plastic Bottle Industry. To be the best, we must compare ourselves to the top performers in all industries.


Ring Container Technologies operates under strong business principles. We treat our employees with respect, honesty, and integrity. We encourage employee involvement, expect excellence, and build confidence through training and coaching. Opportunities for employment cover a broad spectrum, from trainee positions, to skilled mechanics and technicians in our plants, as well as opportunities in Engineering, Information Systems, Financial Services and Human Resources. Our Human Resources Department also assists our Rapac division with recruiting and training needs. If you are interested in employment in an environment where the employee is our first priority, please contact us regarding the availability of positions in the following areas: * Finance and Accounting * Human Resources * Benefits * Engineering * Information Systems * Manufacturing Management/Supervision * Sales & Marketing * Customer Service * Purchasing * Transportation * Administrative * Maintenance/Technicians * Machine Operators * General Labor Positions


Ring Container Technologies offers a high level of technical support for our customers, from design concept through commercial implementation. We use the most up-to-date 3-D modeling software available to generate container designs. Our computer generated renderings give our customers a method for visualization of the total package aesthetics. Together we can develop numerous design options and further refine specific designs and features prior to constructing models or molds.

We also have in-house rapid prototyping capabilities, providing full size aesthetic models of the finished product. Additionally, we can provide quick unit cavity samples for operations evaluations, marketing, and customer and consumer studies.

Product Design and Development at Ring Container Technologies is dedicated to assisting you in “speed to market” and at being successful in your marketplace!

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