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Cumberland Hospital for Children and Adolescents doesn’t look like a hospital because it isn’t like most hospitals; it is a unique environment that offers a different approach to help children with complex needs. Children who repeatedly fail in conventional settings find new opportunities at Cumberland.

We understand the unique psychological, social and behavioral challenges that often interfere with successful treatment of chronic disease, brain injury, neurological impairment and other medical conditions.

Our on-site staff of nurses, physicians and specialists address these issues by treating both body and mind, paralleling medical protocols with strategies to analyze and successfully modify behavior over time.

Through an interdisciplinary approach, we stabilize medical problems and help children develop positive behavioral coping strategies. We help families cope with their child’s illnesses or injuries, enabling the child to achieve the best level of function possible – at home, in school and in their community.

Cumberland Hospital for Children and Adolescents is committed to working with children two to 22 years of age. The hospital campus has 110 beds (16 for Residential Services).
  • Cumberland Hospital is licensed by the Virginia Department of Health.
  • Cumberland’s Residential Treatment Services are licensed by the Virginia Department of Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse Services and regulated under Standards of Interdepartmental Licensing of Facilities for Children (CORE).
  • Cumberland Hospital is a Joint Commission-accredited hospital that is committed to providing high quality and safe care to our patients.
  • Cumberland Academy is certified by the Virginia Department of Education.
  • The Diabetes Patient Education Program is recognized by the American Association for “quality patient education.”
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