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Char Dennhardt thrives on responding to challenging situations. From her early experiences teaching children with autism and serious mental health issues, to becoming the President and CEO of Dennhardt & Associates, Inc. and Dennhardt Temporaries, Inc., Char's gift and motivation has always been finding successful solutions to whatever issue is on the table.

In 1973, Char found a staffing services organization that did not charge applicants a fee. It was revolutionary, and Char loved that they'd found a solution to a difficult problem. She immediately went to work for them, adding her own entrepreneurial spirit to the mix. Over the next few years, Char developed her formula for success… Really get to know the clients well and treat every company and job-seeker professionally. When she eventually founded Dennhardt & Associates, Inc. and Dennhardt Temporaries, Inc., Char made sure that everyone in her organization lived up to that philosophy.
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Dennhardt & Associates, Inc. offers employment opportunities that may not be advertised in newspapers, so you won't be competing with excessive numbers of unqualified or over-qualified applicants.
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