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Banking - Financial Services
HQ: Windsor, CT   |  

ING U.S. constitutes the U.S.-based retirement, investment and insurance operations of Netherlands-based ING Group. As a leading provider of financial products and services, both at the workplace and through an expansive distribution network of financial professionals, ING U.S.’s goal is to help make it easier for Americans to grow, protect and enjoy their savings across all major life stages and financial milestones.

The Retirement, Investment Management and Insurance businesses reach approximately 13 million retail and institutional clients and customers with a comprehensive array of financial products and services, such as retirement plans, IRA rollovers and transfers, stable value, institutional investment management, mutual funds, alternative investments, life insurance, employee benefits, fixed and indexed annuities and financial planning.
  • Coverage for medical, vision and dental.
  • Work-Life Balance program
  • Retirement plans, including a comprehensive 401(k)
Career Opportunities
Career development is a strong focus of the talent management activities within ING. We have a commitment to posting all of our openings internally and encourage career growth among our talent base. Our goal is for our employees to have a long term career with ING, pursuing a variety of interests, whether on a leadership, professional or technical career path.

Our human resources advisors and talent managers are available to discuss career options and opportunities with our associates and to assist in setting career paths and development plans that will result in good career movement and growth. We are a company of many business units offering a broad range of career opportunities. We encourage cross-business, cross-functional and cross-geographical moves, including international assignments, as a great way to enhance skills and to provide continuous learning.