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AMF Bowling Centers Inc

AMF was founded in New York in 1900 as a manufacturer of industrial equipment. The company's first product was automated machinery for the tobacco industry.

What does AMF stand for?
The letters AMF stand for American Machine and Foundry. Today, the bowling company is officially known as AMF Bowling Centers Inc.

When did AMF enter the bowling business?
In 1936, Fred Schmidt developed the first automated pinspotter in his garage in Pear River, NY. AMF management was intrigued by his invention and hired him in 1938 to perfect the pinspotter.

In 1946, the pinspotter made its first public debut at the ABC National Championship in Buffalo, NY. In 1952, the pinspotter went into full production and revolutionized the bowling industry -- touching off a boom in the sport. AMF became the dominant force in the bowling industry.

In the past, did AMF manufacture other types of equipment?
Until the mid 1980s, AMF's broad range of leisure equipment included tennis racquets and snow skis, lawn and garden equipment, wheel goods, Ben Hogan golf clubs, Voit inflatable balls, exercise equipment, Hatteras yachts and scuba gear. At one time, AMF did own Harley Davidson motorcycles.

In 1985, AMF Inc. was purchased in a hostile takeover bid by a Minnesota-based company, Minstar, Inc. Minstar sold off most of its divisions on a worldwide basis. The bowling division was one of the last divisions to be sold. It was purchased by a group of investors in Richmond, Va.

Where is AMF Bowling Centers Inc. headquartered?
Since the mid 1980s AMF Bowling has operated its international headquarters in Richmond, Va.

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AMF's Human Resources commitment is to provide the best possible benefit programs to its employees. We have developed a benefits program for our employees that we believe is second to none in our industry. The program consists of the following:
  • Group Term Life Insurance - Basic, Supplemental and Dependent
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment - Basic, Supplemental and Dependent
  • Short Term Disability
  • Long Term Disability
  • Group Medical and Prescription Drug Coverage for You and Your Dependents
  • Dental Care Plan for You and Your Dependents
  • Flexible Spending Accounts - Healthcare and Dependent Care 401K
  • Vacation Leave
  • Personal Leave
  • Paid Holidays
  • Tuition Assistance Program
  • Scholarship Program for Dependents of Employees
  • Employee Discounts
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Many Supplemental Benefits (long term care, legal resources, home/auto insurance, cancer insurance, mortgage discounts) Family Care America
AMF is engaged in two main business segments. The company is the largest owner and operator of bowling centers in the world, with about 300 bolwling centers in the U.S. AMF also manufactures and sells bowling equipment such as automatic pinspotters, scoring equipment, bowling center furniture, bowling pins, High Performance Lanes (HPL), ball returns, and spare parts. It also sells consumer products such as bowling balls, bags, and shoes.

In addition, AMF manufactures and sells the PlayMaster, Highland and Renaissance brands of billiard tables.
AMF Corporate Contact Information
8100 AMF Drive
Richmond, VA 23111
Phone 1-800-342-5263