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Arizona Oncology Associates

Healthcare - Health Services
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Arizona Oncology Associates (AOA) is the largest group of medical professionals in Arizona devoted exclusively to cancer care. With over 45 practicing physicians, we serve patients at 23 locations throughout Arizona, including Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tucson, Green Valley, Oro Valley, Yuma, Flagstaff, Sedona, Prescott Valley, Lakeside, Safford, Sierra Vista, and Nogales.

AOA is proud to provide comprehensive, compassionate, cancer care in a patient-focused, cost effective, community-based setting. Care is delivered by a team of medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, hematologists, transplant specialists, and clinical staff, affiliated with US Oncology, a national oncology network. This large network also gives patients access to nationwide research and clinical trials of promising new drugs in the war against cancer.

AOA provides patients with access to the latest treatments, state-of-the-art technology, and an extensive research program. We believe it is beneficial these therapies are provided in a community setting, close to your home and your support system. AOA physicians are supported by talented clinical staff who are sensitive to the needs of cancer patients and their caregivers.

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Our Values
  • We value people. We will treat all people with respect and courtesy and create an environment that supports the attainment of their personal and professional aspirations.
  • We value performance. Exceptional contributions by individuals and teams are critical to AOA's successful performance. Such contributions at all levels will be appreciated and recognized.
  • We value teamwork. Teamwork is crucial to our success. Trust and mutual respect for each other's responsibilities, functions, skills, and experience are essential ingredients.
  • We value communication. Open and honest communication flowing in all directions will be the norm. We emphasize that listening is a crucial component of the communications process.
  • We value diversity. We will actively promote the atmosphere of mutual respect for each other's differences, recognizing that our diversity creates a breadth of perspective that strengthens our organization.
  • We value integrity. We will strive to be recognized as an organization of the highest ethical standards and unquestioned integrity.
We are committed to:
  • Participation in clinical research to develop innovative approaches in oncology that lead to better outcomes and high quality treatment.
  • Participation in health outcomes to ensure the best possible care for oncology patients.
  • Participation in an integrated disease management program, embracing the full continuum of care.
  • Participation in activities ensuring the primary care physician's role in the screening and detection of cancer at the earliest stage possible.
  • As part of US Oncology, one of the nation's largest healthcare services networks dedicated exclusively to cancer treatment and research, we can quickly bring the latest advances in cancer care to our patients. Most importantly, we understand the special needs of cancer patients, and are devoted to caring for the whole person, not just the disease.
Career Opportunities
Videos about radiation treatment for cancer by Arizona Oncology Doctors;

Dr. Curtis Mack and Dr. Andy Neuschatz.

Videos can take seconds to minutes loading depending upon your Internet connection. All videos are ( AVI ) format and can be played with most up to date media players. If you choose to save the videos, right-click on the link for the video and "Save Target As" to your desktop or another location you choose. The videos have been compressed for size to allow internet streaming.
To establish a network of comprehensive, fully integrated cancer centers that deliver advanced clinical service while being fully responsive to the ever-changing healthcare environment and to be the leader in the delivery of compassionate, personalized, state-of-the-art oncology care in Arizona, providing our patients access to the latest in technology therapies and techniques.
There are a number of different methods used to treat cancer. Surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy are three common forms of cancer treatment that have been used for a number of years. Your type of cancer, the extent of your disease, and your general state of health are all influential factors in determining the most appropriate cancer care. You may undergo a combination of therapies as part of you individual treatment plan.

Surgery is the oldest form of cancer treatment. The majority of cancer patients will undergo surgery either for the removal of a tumor or in combination with other therapies.

There are multiple types of cancer surgery.

Curative Surgery involves the removal of a cancerous tumor. It works well on localized cancers that haven't spread to other parts of the body. Curative surgery is often followed by radiation therapy or chemotherapy to be certain all cancerous cells have been removed.

Diagnostic Surgery is also known as a biopsy. A biopsy removes a sample of tissue from the body for examination. During an examination of the colon, a biopsy can be taken with forceps through a tube known as an endoscope. In other cases, the biopsy is taken using a hypodermic needle.

Supportive Surgery is surgery that supports other cancer treatments. A common supportive surgery is the insertion of a port. Ports are used to give physicians access to different parts of the body. They may be used for chemotherapy treatments or to monitor different parts of the body.

Staging Surgery is used to determine the extent of a cancer when less invasive procedures are not effective. In some cases, this can be done without an incision by using a tiny camera attached to a flexible tube. The tube is inserted into natural body openings. These cameras allow surgeons to view suspicious areas and take tissue samples when needed.

Preventative Surgery can be an effective way to keep cancer from occurring. Precancerous skin cells can be removed before they become malignant. Many colon cancers can be prevented by removing precancerous polyps.
You may apply for one of the following positions or if you are in need of an accommodation in order to apply for a position, please contact the Human Resources department at Arizona Oncology Associates Human Resources Department via: Fax: (520) 514-7166 or Email:  Our mailing address is: Arizona Oncology Associates HR Department 1760 E. River Road, Suite 350 Tucson, AZ 85718. We know that patients facing cancer need rapid answers and treatment plans. To schedule an appointment at a time that is convenient, call us at the location nearest you. Please do not send any patient information, doctor request or confidential material to this email address. This email is for non-health related issues, comments, or questions regarding this website. Please email