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CapTech Consulting


CapTech was formed as the result of a friendship between the company's founders, Sandy Williamson and Slaughter Fitz-Hugh, that began while both were employed at Andersen Consulting in Washington, D.C. Eventually, each would leave the company to pursue other opportunities, but they stayed in touch. In March of 1997, the two found themselves back in their shared hometown—Richmond, Virginia—and this close proximity led to the creation of CapTech Ventures, Inc., an exceptional business partnership.

The company has been successful from the very beginning, growing from $380,000 in revenue the first year to millions today. Always a privately held company, CapTech has thrived without the support of outside investors funding. Through partnership with clients and by providing exceptional service, CapTech has continued to grow and build on its successes. Now a full service information technology consultancy and the largest private IT-focused company headquartered in the region, CapTech performs services for a diverse and growing client base.

In both 2002 and 2003, CapTech earned a spot on the Inc. Magazine’s list of the nation's 500 fastest-growing private companies. In 2004, CapTech received the Impact Award of the Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce for its achievements in growth, economic impact and support of the community. Over the years, CapTech has been recognized by Ernst and Young, Association for Corporate Growth (ACG), Greater Richmond Partnership, United Way, RichTech and numerous other organizations for its steady growth and positive impact on the communities it serves.


We think we have found a winning formula by offering challenging and impactful work, career development, a family-style environment, and lots of fun. See what some our employees have to say:

"I chose to work for CapTech because it’s a relatively young and small company. The people who interviewed me were energetic and enthusiastic, which drew me in. CapTech seemed like a place where I could really express myself and get involved in different parts of the business regardless of my age and limited experience. The CapTech culture is phenomenal and makes me look forward to work every day. I will be with CapTech for a very long time because of the continuous education they provide, the valuable client experience, the responsibility they empower their young employees with, and the value they see in them."

"CapTech offers young graduates opportunities to prove themselves on projects very early on in their career. CapTech also offers an excellent work life balance…"

"I chose CapTech over other consulting companies because of the great company culture and work environment. CapTech really cares about its people, and that hasn't changed in the three years I've been here."

"Looking to work with and learn from top .NET developers in Richmond, I had no other choice but to go with CapTech! Now, that I have some time with the company under my belt, I realize the amazing variety of projects I have the opportunity to work on. A menu of opportunities so varied in scope and complexity that there seems an endless stream of learning and growth is available to me."

"I chose to come work for CapTech because they provided many opportunities for growth and learning. I also appreciate their 'work where you live' culture."

Captech Inc

1118 W. Main Street
Richmond, VA 23220
tel: 804.355.0511
fax: 804.355.2591