Employer Quick Look

Cogent Healthcare


For more than a decade, Cogent Healthcare has been at the forefront of the hospital medicine sector, driven by a mission to relentlessly improve the efficiency and quality of inpatient care in our nation's hospitals.  Today, Cogent Healthcare is the nation's largest private hospitalist and intensivist company, offering hospitals a proven System of Care™ that has fueled our growth and led to engagements with more than 100 hospitals across the country. 

These hospitals count on our team of seasoned physician and healthcare leaders to develop and manage high-performing hospitalist and intensivist programs that are built to support skilled physicians with a coordinated clinical care team, technology and operational infrastructure, data-driven processes, rigorous ongoing training and experienced leadership. The results: better outcomes and lower cost.

Founded by physician pioneers of the hospital medicine industry, we believe our role extends beyond the hospitals and patients we serve to the ongoing advancement of our field. We do that every day through setting best practices in patient care, through our established national mentoring program Cogent Healthcare Academy™, and through leadership of national organizations that shape hospital and critical care medicine.

Healthcare is more than a business for us. And, our hospital clients benefit from our innovation and passion to deliver the most valuable inpatient management services in the industry.


Cogent Healthcare offers flexible scheduling with no on-call responsibility, a wide range of career opportunities across the nation, competitive benefits and leadership support from industry founders.

Our experience and resources provide physicians and employees a way to achieve their career goals through our continuous leadership development program, Cogent Healthcare Academy™ .

Mission and Vision

We improve the lives of patients while creating value for our partners.

As the leader in Hospital Medicine, we will transform America's healthcare system.