Employer Quick Look

Blue Inc.

Sales - Marketing

Blue Inc reviews
companies’ marketing and sales strategies and implements strategic plans to
support their sales and marketing efforts. Clients contract their
representation to the company due to benefit that Blue Inc provides, high quality sales, high quality customers, an outstanding
customer experience, and an unprecedented speed-to-market.  Management from Blue
Inc reviews company standards with employees regarding a high level of
professionalism and integrity to further the clients’ goals and initiatives.

Blue Inc reviews employee performance based on merit and performance, not
seniority or tenure.  
Blue Inc
employees enjoy an environment of team work, along with constant recognition of
individual achievement.

As a contracted corporation, Blue Inc reviews expansion plans twice a
year to better serve its clients in additional markets.

Blue Inc reviews its marketing strategy:
“In the age of technology, where
every interaction is becoming less and less personal, we take pride in being
able to provide a human element to customers on behalf of our clients, and we
credit our growth and success at Blue inc to it as well.” 

The results from Blue Inc are black and white. The company expanded into
4 additional markets in 2012 and has earned itself a spot on the
101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work for, 2014. Through effective strategies, thorough
prospecting, evaluating a customer’s needs / wants, in-person presentations,
closing strategies, up-selling, and customer follow-up, Blue Inc is able to
outperform all other forms of direct marketing and sales in today’s fast-paced
and dynamic economy.

The main client of Blue Inc
is one of the largest the telecommunications companies in the world, serving
over 107 million customers.  Along with
their own internal efforts, they rely heavily on Blue inc Chicago for increased
revenue and client relationships.

Blue Inc also believes in giving back to the community.  The team does many philanthropic opportunities that come their way throughout
the course of a year.  The company has been involved with many
organizations, including local churches in the Chicago area and Operation Smile.


Blue Inc creates an environment in which employees all have equal-opportunity for advancement and are not bound by seniority or tenure. Blue Inc believes that performance is a better qualifying indicator for promotion recommendations and follows such practices relentlessly. For more information on Blue Inc, please visit the Blue Inc Schaumburg blog.

Career Opportunities

Upon review, employees at Blue Inc are offered an all-inclusive training
program in which an employee enters at the ground-level and gets exposed all
aspects of business management. Through individual coaching, as well as hands
on training, employees at Blue Inc gain essential skills to be able to compete
in today’s fast-paced sales and marketing arenas.

Employees at Blue Inc gain valuable skills including, but not limited to:
leadership, teamwork, management, business administration, training of subordinates,
motivating sales teams, current marketing trends and theories, sales
negotiations, customer service, customer retention, market research, and small
business management.

At Blue Inc, people are the most important part of our company. Our mission is to educate, empower, and entertain. Every current and past employee has attributed valuable input and has brought us to where we are today. We are looking to increasingly create and develop entrepreneurial opportunities and increase the market share for the clients that we represent. Our management training program allows individuals from all backgrounds, experiences, and demographics to reach their professional and personal goals. As we continue to expand, we are constantly looking to add quality individuals, with drive, work ethic, and passion for success, to our already exceptional team.
Blue Inc 
1101 Perimeter Drive Ste 440 
Schaumburg, IL. 60173


Blue Inc Chicago
Hiring Process
Blue inc Chicago reviews candidates who apply, and every single interview is conducted individually.  Blue inc then reviews potential candidates for the necessary skills needed to succeed in the company, which include, but are not limited to: exceptional communication skills, history of work ethic, a positive attitude through adversity, and the ability to handle obstacles.  Experience in the sales and marketing industry is not necessary, as Blue inc provides in depth training to all employees.  However, advancement in the company depends solely on the effort put forth from the individual employee.