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Broadridge is a leading full-service outsourcing provider to the global financial industry, capable of meeting the most demanding requirements for efficient, secure and scalable operational support. Our reach spans the world, and encompasses an extensive array of services - from account opening and securities transaction processing to correspondent clearing to document management and investor communications as well as full operational staff outsourcing. A steadfast source of processing support, we help financial services institutions and public companies increase productivity, streamline operations, enter new markets with new products more quickly, drive down back-office costs and better manage risk.

Today's dynamic business environment calls for this kind of reliable and efficient multi-dimensional support. Our wealth of solutions and deep expertise let you focus on differentiating your firm in today's complex and competitive global marketplace.


We are fully committed and highly focused on enabling our clients' growth. Our mission is to drive the industry we serve to higher levels of efficiency and compliance; to partner with financial institutions and public companies to enable their growth; and to provide innovative outsourcing solutions for mission-critical activities.


We offer a suite of advanced computerized real-time transaction processing services that automate the securities transaction lifecycle, from desktop productivity tools and portfolio management to order capture and execution, trade confirmation, settlement, and accounting. Our services help financial institutions efficiently and cost-effectively consolidate their books and records, focus on their core businesses, and manage risk. With multi-currency capabilities, our Global Processing Solution supports real-time global trading of equity, option, mutual fund, and fixed income securities in established and emerging markets.


We are the former Brokerage Services division of ADP. On March 30th, 2007, we spun off from ADP and began operating as an independent public company. Our company has more than 40 years of history of providing innovative solutions to the financial services industry and publicly held companies. In 1962, the Brokerage Services division of ADP opened for business with one client, processing an average of 300 trades per night. In 1979, we expanded our U.S.-based securities processing solutions to process Canadian securities.

We made significant additions to our Securities Processing Solutions business through two key acquisitions in the mid-1990s. In 1995, we acquired a London-based provider of multi-currency clearance and settlement services, in order to become a global supplier of transaction processing services. In 1996, we acquired a provider of institutional fixed income transaction processing systems. In fiscal year 2008, we processed on average approximately $3 trillion daily in fixed income trades.

We began offering our proxy services in 1989. The proxy services business, which developed into our Investor Communication Solutions business, leveraged the information processing systems and infrastructure of our Securities Processing Solutions business. Our proxy services offering attracted 31 major clients in its first year of operations. In 1992, we acquired The Independent Election Corporation of America, further increasing our proxy services capabilities. By 1999, we were handling over 90% of the investor communication distributions for all securities held on record by banks and broker-dealers in the U.S.—from proxy statements to annual reports. During the 1990s, we expanded our proxy services business to serve security owners of Canadian and United Kingdom issuers and we began offering a complete outsourced solution for international proxies.

In 1998, having previously provided print and distribution services as an accommodation to our securities processing and proxy clients, we decided to focus on account statement and reporting services. In 2001, we developed and released PostEdge® to meet the need for electronic distribution and archiving of all investor communications.

In 2004, we entered the securities clearing business by purchasing Bank of America Corporation’s U.S. Clearing and BrokerDealer Services businesses. The following year we commenced offering our unique business process outsourcing service to self-clearing U.S. broker-dealers.

In 2007, we became the new independent company Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. Headquartered in Lake Success, New York, our international presence spans regional and local centers across the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia. In 2008, Broadridge’s first full year as an independent public company, we grew revenues, pre-tax earnings, and sales despite a challenging market environment. The foundation of our optimism about the future in the face of the current challenges to our industry is our company’s culture of engaged, trustworthy, motivated associates. They have demonstrated throughout our history their resilience and capacity to adapt to change and their commitment to our shared goals.

Lines of Business

Broadridge is a leading global provider of technology-based outsourcing solutions to the financial services industry. Our systems and services include investor communication solutions, securities processing solutions, and securities clearing and operations outsourcing solutions. In short, we provide the infrastructure that helps make the financial services industry work. With more than 40 years of experience, we provide financial services firms with advanced, dependable, scalable and cost-effective integrated systems. Our systems help reduce the need for clients to make significant capital investments in operations infrastructure, thereby allowing them to increase their focus on core business activities.

Our clients include thousands of financial services firms and public companies—we not only help them conduct business, we also help them communicate with their shareholders.

Broadridge delivers a wide range of cost-effective technology-based solutions to our clients, in support of all steps in the investment lifecycle. Whether a client is a huge multinational corporation or a smaller firm, we provide affordable, reliable solutions to perform their back-office operations so they can focus on growing their businesses, and better serving their clients.
In our 2008 fiscal year, we:

(i) distributed over one billion investor communications, including proxy materials, investor account statements, trade confirmations, tax statements and prospectuses;
(ii) provided components of our securities processing solutions to eight of the top 10 United States broker-dealers, as ranked by Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association; and
(iii) served over 100 correspondents through our securities clearing services. Our business is divided into two units: Investor Communication Solutions and Security Processing Solutions.

Investor Communication Solutio

This is our largest business. A large portion of our Investor Communication Solutions business involves the processing and distribution of proxy materials to investors in equity securities and mutual funds, as well as the facilitation of related vote processing. ProxyEdge®, our innovative electronic proxy delivery and voting solution for institutional investors, helps ensure the participation of the largest shareholders of many companies. We also provide the distribution of regulatory reports and corporate action/reorganization event information, as well as tax reporting solutions that help our clients meet their regulatory compliance needs. In addition, we provide financial information distribution and transaction reporting services to both financial institutions and securities issuers. These services include the processing and distribution of account statements and trade confirmations, traditional and personalized document fulfillment and content management services, marketing communications, and imaging, archival and workflow solutions that enable and enhance our clients’ communications with investors. All of these communications are delivered in paper or electronic form.