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At Focus, we place workers in Accounting/Finance, Administrative/Clerical, Call Center and Technology jobs. Because our recruiting teams focus on just one of these areas, they can match you with the most dynamic companies in the Atlanta area. In addition, our employees receive benefits that are unmatched anywhere else. Employee Benefits:
  • Holiday Pay: Employees receive eight hours of pay for six national holidays (New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas) if they meet the following criteria:
    • The employee must have worked a total of 750 regular hours during the previous 20-week period
    • The employee must work both the scheduled working days before and after the paid holiday
  • Medical insurance: All W-2 contract employees are offered full medical insurance, disability, dental coverage and life insurance at reasonable costs through Benefits in a Card and Allstate Financial. Under the medical insurance plan, there are no networks and you can visit any doctor.
  • Referral bonuses: A bonus will be awarded to any Focus employee who sends us a referral that is hired and works a specific number of hours on assignment.
  • Communication: Focus stays in contact with our clients and candidates to ensure a successful contract experience. To ensure our commitment to quality and prevent miscommunication and/or problems, we have the following procedures in place for each assignment:
    • First Day Arrival Check - to ensure employee arrived safely, on time and prepared to work.
    • Mid-Day Check - to ensure satisfaction of performance.
    • End-of-day Check - call to employee to ensure satisfaction of assignment.
    • Second Day Check - call to ensure continued satisfaction and communication.
    • Friday Performance Check - to monitor productivity of assigned employee. This call will repeat every Friday to consistently track performance to ensure you are receiving the greatest return on your staffing investment.
  • Georgia Staffing Association: As part of an award-winning state chapter of the American Staffing Association, and the one collective voice of the staffing industry throughout the state of Georgia, Focus is able to continually improve on its effectiveness as an individual company and as a part of the industry. The Georgia Staffing Association provides a pro-active force in shaping government legislation that will enable the industry to better serve the needs of contract employees and client businesses in Georgia. Candidates benefit from several special programs sponsored by the Association, including National Staffing Employee Week.
Our Focus
Focus on Quality

As staffing industry experts, Focus has found that quality assurance is one of the most important factors in making successful employment connections. We have developed a process that we follow to qualify candidates so that you don’t waste valuable time considering unsuitable candidates.

Focus on Client Satisfaction

What sets Focus apart from most of our competition is our commitment to client satisfaction. Not only do we ensure that you are happy with job placement, but we are also determined to build relationships with our clients that position us as extensions of your company, which means we understand your corporate goals, structure, and culture so that when you are looking for long-term or short-term assistance, we have a comprehensive understanding of the direction of your whole organization, in addition to your individual requirements. Focus has found that this kind of relationship decreases the time and costs associated with recruiting and placement outsourcing.

Focus On Expertise

Like any business, Focus has areas in which we can provide superior service. Our strengths lie in filling positions in the following fields: call center, accounting/finance, technology and administrative. Our consultants share expertise in these areas and understand the demands placed on individuals in these positions, as well as the qualities needed to achieve success. Our experience also allows us to quickly identify and place individuals well suited for positions in these fields. You can trust us to handle your direct hire, contract to hire and even executive level openings with minimal involvement, which leaves you with more time to focus on your bottom line. As we build relationships with our clients, we seek to grasp your working environment, corporate culture, goals and special needs. These relationships are the foundation of our services, allowing us to provide you with the right talent, competitive pricing and a timely delivery.
Our Services
Supplemental Staffing Solutions

This program is designed to help you add to your core workforce for flexible and varying lengths of time. Our application process enables us to thoroughly screen each applicant for the specific skillset your job requires. All employees are interviewed and tested by our specialized Focus recruiting teams.

Supplemental to Direct

This strategy is for hiring core workforce employees. Focus will send you a prospective employee based on a submitted job description. You are then able to observe their work skill level before you make a hiring decision.

Payroll Service

After we place an employee with your company, you may outsource the payroll function and liability costs to Focus. The employee must complete a Focus application and submit a timesheet weekly, allowing you the ability to employ an associate immediately while he or she completes your company’s application process.

Single Source Management Program

This management program encompasses all facets of managing and staffing a company’s non-core workforce. It is designed to enhance productivity and minimize defects related to production and service. Such services provide the greatest return on your employee placement investment.

Direct Placement

This program is designed to meet the needs of candidates seeking direct hire employment opportunities. Focus can provide qualified, pre-screened applicants for your review. You negotiate the salary and requirements and extend the job offer. This allows you to place an individual directly on your payroll, and it gives the applicant a chance to enroll in your benefits program.

Bilingual Services

Focus employs a bi-lingual staffing consultant for our global clients. Currently, we are able to provide bi-lingual staffing support in French and Spanish. In addition, a large portion of our candidate pool is bilingual in various languages.

Other services include probationary hiring, flexible staffing, vendor on premise, and outsourcing.