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Welcome to the Moxtek® company page! Here you can learn more about company news, job openings, company history, and contact information.

Moxtek was founded in 1986 with technology developed at Brigham Young University and has grown through the years to a component supplier many customers in a diverse array of applications can rely on.

In 2002, Moxtek introduced the ProFlux® Polarizer. This polarizer exhibits superior performance in high flux projection systems such as those used in business projectors and rear projection HDTV televisions. The ProFlux polarizer was awarded the 2002 Silver Award by the Society for Information Display (SID) in recognition of its outstanding contributions. The ProFlux polarizer, and more recent beam splitter components, have achieved wide acceptance in the market.

Moxtek was acquired in 2004 by Polatechno Co., Ltd. (PLC). PLC is headquartered in Niigata, Japan and was established in July 1991 as a joint venture between Nippon Kayaku Co., Ltd. and Arisawa Manufacturing Co., Ltd. PLC is a market leader in optical parts for LCD projectors. PLC has production facilities in Niigata, Japan and Wuxi/Zhuhai, China. PLC has distribution partnerships in Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan.

Today, Moxtek is a leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of inorganic wire grid optical polarizers. Moxtek is also a leading manufacturer of miniature x-ray sources, detectors, and windows. From advances in consumer electronics to scientific instrumentation, Moxtek contributes to better optical displays, screening for hazardous substances, recycling, mining, and new scientific discovery.

Reliable manufacturing, technology excellence, and superior customer service are our strengths. Click around to find out more about Moxtek!

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Moxtek® is a growing company with a promising future. Moxtek is looking for self-motivated, dedicated employees who will help Moxtek develop to its potential. Our company culture and business strategy require pro-active contributions from all our team members.


Welcome to the Moxtek® Products page! This is where you can learn about our products.

Moxtek invented and commercialized the first wire-grid polarizers for the visible region. Products are now available that perform in the ultra-violet through the infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum. These polarizers can be used in general purpose, high-contrast, and high-transmission applications.

In the X-ray analysis world, Moxtek developed the industry standard polymer window for energy and wavelength dispersive applications and the first miniature x-ray sources. In addition, we offer high-performance miniature Si-PIN radiation detectors and ultra-low noise junction field transistors.

Moxtek is always developing new products to meet your needs. Please check our Product pages frequently.

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Moxtek, Inc?
452 West 1260 North
Orem, Utah 84057
United States of America

Telephone 1 (801) 225-0930
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Telefax 1 (801) 221-1121