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Seven Marketing Group

Sales - Marketing
100 - 250 employees  |  

Seven Marketing Group is a direct sales and marketing company, representing the larges telecomunications company in America. We are currently considered the #1 business partner for outsourced representation in Dallas; having already received sevral awards based on quality of services rendered and volume of customers delivered.

We specialize in face to face interaction with current and prospective customers in order to deliver a personalized presentation of specific product, promotion, and incentives for our client. We take pride in providing a high level of serice and professionalism directly to their target audience and guarantee a constant increase in market share, without compromising their brand grity.

Contact Us

Seven Marketing Group :

5800 Granite Parkway Suite 210, Plano, TX 75024.   Telephone: 214-440-2624 

At Seven Marketing Group we strive to provide to positive, team oriented, environment where people work together to learn new skills,refine existing talents, and grow on a daily basis. Whether with us to accomplish a career objective, or merely to gain business experience, we invest our time and energy proportionate to what emmolyees are willing to invest in themselves. We encourage a student mentality, from the owner down, In order to learn from one another. We refer to it as a "student/teacher-teacher/student" relationship to prevent overlooking valuable experience and insights that could contribut to our continued success; we believe everyone in an organization has something to contribute. Our daily structure allows us to: set today's objective, deliver training, implement training in real world situation, and then evaluate the outcome to establish new object for tomorrow. This apporach allows us to progress and develop, both personally and professionally, at a faster pace than other institutions.