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Employer Quick Look

Corrections Corporation of America

Correctional professionals of all kinds call CCA their career home.

  • Corrections managers and administrators.
  • Correctional officers and other security experts.
  • Health services professionals.
  • Academic and vocational educators.
  • Addictions treatment and offender program specialists

We offer more than just corrections jobs in state-of-the-art detention centers, jails and prisons. We extend life-changing career opportunities, where you can make a difference.

CCA is America’s leader in partnership corrections. We design, build, own and operate prisons, jails and detention centers for federal, state and local government.
Not sure if working in corrections is right for you? Hear what some of our employees have to say about their experience and why they choose to work at CCA. Never worked for corrections before? No problem. CCA is formatted to fit everyone! Not quite sure if working with inmates is the right thing for you, but you are looking for something new and exciting. Start off as a clerk, learn the facility, speak often with both new and veteran staff, and walk the halls. After a few months you will know if corrections is for you. CCA is well-known for maximum personal career growth and employs professional and encouraging management staff to assist you in reaching those goals. Tatiana Murrieta ,Quality Assurance Coordinator Central Arizona Detention Center If you want a career that is never boring, always changing, and will make you feel good about what you do, CCA is the company you should work for. With numerous facilities in 19 states, there are always career opportunities for the person who wants to advance. It doesn't matter if you work in administration, security, maintenance, whatever you choose, you have the ability to make a difference, keep your community safe and be proud of what you do. Every day is different; you never stop learning; there are people who will help you pursue your goals and answer any questions you might have. I love my job and I bet you will, too! Rebecca Williams ,Inmate Accounts North Fork Correctional Facility My trek into the corrections industry was by accident. I was looking for a job online and this one popped up, and I truly believe this is where I belong. I love the environment and I love the people that I work with. While the corrections industry is not for everyone, the people that I work with are here because they want to be here. I believe that we are meeting the needs not only of our government partners, but we are providing offenders with knowledge and skills to assist them with rehabilitation while they are in our care. It gives me a great feeling of accomplishment to know that I am a part of that process. The only way to know whether or not a career in corrections is right for you is to first ask yourself, "What do I want to accomplish with my life?" If any of your answers involve being a role model, a leader, a teacher or a counselor, then if might be worth your while to check out the corrections field. Linda Sevison, Quality Assurance Administrative Clerk Idaho Correctional Center I feel that CCA is a business model with a common sense approach. Opportunities are limitless as long as you remain focused and continue to apply yourself. An employee can succeed or promote based on his/her skills and without the help of the "good ole boy system" that so many agencies employ. CCA has been fair with me, allowing me to progress at a rapid pace. I strongly believe that employees are in control of their fate and will not only survive but succeed as long as they apply themselves appropriately. Truthfulness and Commitment will keep an employee out of hot water. CCA will be as good to you as you are to CCA! I tell my employees that a career with CCA is like running a marathon. You must continually strive to improve yourself and work hard but sprinting from the start or as a routine is not always the best method. My success means nothing if I burn out or fail to finish the race! Jason T. Ellis Warden Citrus County Detention Facility When I started working for CCA in 1992, I thought it would be just for a year or two. That year or two turnrd into 17 years of challenges and rewards that I would not change for anything. Corrections Corporation of America has grown leaps and bounds in the seventeen years that I have been here. I feel the reason for this is the professionalism at CCA facilities, I know that I have been blessed to come to work every day working with co-workers that I admire and respect as professionals and as friends. John Drake Fire and Safety Manager Metro-Davidson County Detention Facility As an RN-EMT of 30 years experience, 10 of those in corrections, I have found the correctional setting to offer the greatest opportunity to use all my knowledge and skills. I believe the greatest asset a nurse can bring to a clinical setting is that of assessment. Nowhere have I found a better environment to fully utilize assessment skills than in corrections. The nurse is usually the first line of contact for inmate medical issues be they emergent, urgent or routine. If you're looking for a setting where you can truly make a difference, and use all your skills and knowledge, look into correctional nursing. Charlie Cannata, RN-EMT Clinical Supervisor Metro-Davidson County Detention Facility I remember back some twenty-five years ago seeing a very young looking man that spoke with deep conviction and excitement that there was a better way to manage corrections. This person stood before our group of corrections employees at the Silverdale Detention Facility was Mr. Tom Beasley, Founder of Corrections Corporation of America. As I sit there listening to Mr. Beasley speak of privatization in corrections I never imagined that my corrections career would have taken me to so many different places and met so many great people in our field. As Mr. Beasley continued to speak his logical and cost-effective way to do corrections better made more sense to all of us. Right then I knew I wanted to work for this person and this company. I have never looked back and have loved everyday working for CCA. Johnny Sausedo Assistant Warden Metro-Davidson County Detention Facility You can get out of the military, but the military never gets out of you. I discovered that a long time ago, and my choice of the corrections field as a career reflects this. In the military we learned about Integrity, Respect, Trust and Loyalty. We live every day with discipline, teamwork and accountability – not only at work but throughout or lives. All of these traits are reflected in the corrections field, they are what make a good corrections officer a great corrections professional. Your career choice should reflect who you are. You take your best traits and use them to make yourself and your organization successful. This, in turn, makes you a happy, content person. Corrections is a natural progression for prior soldiers, or any person that has the desire to be in a respected and trusted profession. Sandra Y. Elliott US Army Military Police Corps Training Manager CCA/LDC I love working for CCA for several reasons. After leaving the Air Force in 1996 I found working for CCA/Corrections to be a perfect fit. The rules, regulations, and structure had many similarities to the military thus allowing for seamless transition to civilian life. The responsibility, change of pace, and growth of the company have always made going to work fun. I would encourage anyone to give corrections a try. In the field of dentistry it is truly is "the best kept secret". The lack of business headaches allows one to enjoy work and family to the fullest. Paid time off, malpractice coverage, and regular paychecks are just a few of the things CCA can provide that can not be afforded in private practice. A career in corrections is not for everyone, but for most, once they try it they realize it is the "best kept secret". Dr. Steve Merrill Chief Dental Officer
Company culture is a big buzzword these days. And at CCA, we know the values, personality and reputation of an employer are important to today’s job-seekers.

At CCA, we expect the best – of ourselves and from our employees. We want to be the best company we can be to continue attracting smart, dedicated, high-potential hard workers.

But being a company of choice also means standing for something. It means having values, a sense of purpose and success in our mission. Most of all, it means treating people the way they want to be treated, as real people with real lives.– whether you're a colleague, an inmate in our care or one of our partners.

Corrections is not for everyone. This is a demanding career that requires dedication, drive and flexibility. At CCA, our corrections professionals don’t just work a job; they build lasting careers that can take them to the heights of our career ladder and to many destinations all across the county.

That’s why we recruit the best – strong, disciplined people who are big on ambition and advancement. We hire men and women who are entirely new to corrections but deeply invested in learning and growing. We seek out leaders experienced in our industry and interested in joining America’s Leader in Partnership Corrections.

With CCA, our employees benefit from a company culture that values and respects them. We’re about attracting and retaining the best, so CCA can be the best full-service adult corrections system in the land.