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Southland Industries

Founded in 1949, Southland Industries provides innovative engineering, construction, service, and energy service solutions through a holistic approach to building performance. Advocating a design-build-maintain model, Southland believes in offering customers the option of optimizing each stage of the building lifecycle through an integrated, customized project or by selecting any of our services and capabilities to be implemented individually. For jobs large and small, our in-house experts remain connected, sharing knowledge and information in order to produce the innovative, practical solutions that have earned Southland its unmatched reputation as one of the top design-builders in the nation.

Utilizing a variety of progressive tools such as building information modeling (BIM) and lean methods, Southland specializes in the design, construction, and service of mechanical, plumbing, fire protection, process piping, automation and controls systems, as well as comprehensive energy services needs. As a company that has always prided itself on innovation and collaboration, Southland continues to pave the way as an industry leader in sustainability and energy efficiency so as to improve the way buildings are designed, built, and maintained.

Beginning as a Southern California-based supplier of residential heating solutions, we have organically grown and exponentially expanded our services and capabilities over the years to serve a wide variety of markets and industries. Recognized as one of the nation's largest building systems experts, today Southland delivers superior results for commercial, data center, education, healthcare, government, hospitality, industrial, life sciences, entertainment, and mixed use buildings and clients.

Southland Industries provides mechanical engineering design, construction, fire protection systems, mechanical controls systems and maintenance services to clients in a variety of fields including healthcare, hospitality, life sciences, commercial/institutional, datacenters and telecommunications, government facilities, and education/campuses.

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