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Oberweis Dairy

In 1915, Peter J. Oberweis found that he had too much milk so he began selling it to neighbors. In essence, the family dairy business that now spans almost 100 years had begun.

The Oberweis family has been delivering milk to homes since 1927 when Peter bought a half partnership in the Big Woods Dairy. A few years later he bought the entire enterprise, renamed it Oberweis Dairy and his high school son Joe left school to help out. During the Depression refrigeration was inefficient. Milk could be safely kept only a few days thus necessitating daily home delivery.

During the war, when gas rationing was in effect, refrigeration had improved so delivery was changed to every other day. By the mid 1920's home delivery was being made in a Model T.

We're still delivering bright and early. We're still using glass bottles, because we don't think milk should taste like plastic...just milk, pure and simple. We don't believe in adding anything unnecessary to our milk either. That's why none of our farmers use the rBGH hormone on their cows.

We're still family owned and operated too. What's more, we stick to what got us here...Peter Oberweis' lifelong commitment to quality and service.

Over the years we've gone from the nostalgic horse and milk cart to the Model T to the milk trucks of the 50's and on to more modern home delivery trucks you see us use today.

We've built a bigger, better facility, expanded our product line and opened retail stores where folks can come in for our award-winning milk in glass bottles and our super-premium ice cream.

Whether we deliver right to your door, or you visit one of our dairy stores, you can be confident that our quality and service will always be "Simply the Best".

In 1951, Joe Oberweis, son of founder Peter Oberweis, built and opened a new dairy located on North Lake Street in Aurora, Illinois. This new dairy allowed Joe to perfect a formula using the cream from his premium milk, to produce the best ice cream available -- the formula we still use to this very day! The new facility also permitted another Oberweis Dairy first -- a retail store selling Oberweis products and an ice cream fountain with creations guaranteed to tempt the tastebuds. The proud Oberweis Dairy tradition continues in all of our retail ice cream and dairy store locations throughout Chicagoland and St. Louis as well as locations in Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan. We still feature the fountain treats Joe Oberweis created nearly a half century ago

Home Delivery

Our tens of thousands of home delivery customers will tell you that the best and truest tasting milk comes in glass bottles. That's the way we deliver it and we start with the very best.

We purchase milk from small family-owned dairy farms. Their cows are protected and pampered in a natural, wholesome, unhurried atmosphere so they just naturally produce healthy, wholesome, great tasting milk. We gather, pasteurize, homogenize, and bottle the milk.

Then your very own milkman delivers it to your door. We collect your empty bottles. They're washed, sterilized and reused. They don't find their way to landfills, and that contributes to the environment. You can count on it.

The milk and other fine products you order will always be there -- on time, fresh, and just as you ordered them. Everything is taken care of for you. We want our customers to be more than satisfied with our service. We want you to be DELIGHTED.

The cost of our Home Delivery service is based on the products you order plus a $2.50 delivery charge per delivery. Current pricing for our products is shown on our Menu and Product Information page.

To learn if our service is available in your area and to contact our customer service staff to receive more information about our home delivery service please click here.

Finally, you can visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to view some of the more commonly asked questions about our products and delivery service

We are confident that you will find the quality of the products we offer and the service we bring right to your door to be Simply the Best!

One of the most popular benefits at Oberweis Dairy is receiving a 50% discount when purchasing products made by Oberweis Dairy (25% off other products). Every employee is eligible for the employee discount program. In 2003 the average savings for employees utilizing our home delivery service was over $500. Part-time employees receive this discount when purchasing products at company-owned stores for their use or that of their immediate family. Full-time employees also receive this benefit via our home delivery service.
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