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Methodist Healthcare Ministries

A Legacy of Ensuring Quality Health Care In 1955, the Southwest Texas Conference of The United Methodist Church chartered the Southwest Texas Methodist Hospital; it opened in 1963. Its purpose was to deliver and promote improved health care as well as enhance access to health care, with particular concern to include those least served. From this charter and that first hospital, Methodist Healthcare System was formed in 1995 and today is the largest healthcare provider in San Antonio and 24 surrounding counties. Since 1995, in joint partnership with HCA, Methodist Healthcare Ministries (MHM) has retained one-half ownership of the Methodist Healthcare System and provides the local governance to ensure that the needs of the greater community are served.

Serving Humanity to Honor God

We are here to improve the health of those least served in the 72 counties of South Texas identified as the Southwest Texas Conference of The United Methodist Church.

We are charged to provide innovative, effective and long-term physical, mental and spiritual resources to promote healing and wellness and to nurture wholeness of body, mind and spirit.
Programs & Services
Parenting Programs
MHM has taken a leadership role in providing practical support to help parents and guardians learn parenting skills so they will be more confident and more competent leaders within their families.

  • Meld is a parent support program that offers a place to share parenting information and learn from other families facing similar challenges.
  • Parents Helping Parents is very similar to Meld in principle, format and lessons, but is implemented through church communities that are interested in developing parenting resources; many of these are in rural areas.
  • Meld Plus is a home visiting program that promotes optional child development and positive parent-child relationships.

Nutrition & Health Education

MHM’s health education program is provided to clinic patients on an individual and group basis, and to people in the general community. It ranges from information on how to handle diseases like diabetes, issues like weight management to asthma and heart health. Health education services are available at the Bishop Ernest T. Dixon Jr. Clinic and the Wesley Health & Wellness Center.

School Based Health Centers

Health and counseling services are provided by MHM through School Based Health Centers that provide primary medical and dental care to school-age children and their younger siblings who live in areas where such services are not readily available.

Clinical Services

MHM owns and operates two primary care clinics at two locations in San Antonio. The clinics address the medical and dental needs of people who cannot afford health insurance. Services are provided on a sliding scale fee based upon ability to pay; household income and family size are factors. Case management and social services are also provided free of charge.

Family Wellness Programs

Family Wellness Programs at the Wesley Health & Wellness Center offers youth, adults and seniors free,
safe and fun activities that promote health, wellness and learning skill.

Church Based Counseling Services

MHMs Church Based Counseling Services are operated by licensed and professional counselors. The counselors meet with individuals privately at a local church–a place that the person knows and feels comfortable.

Wesley Nurse Health Ministries™

The Wesley Nurse Health Ministries™ program (WNHM) is a faith-based, holistic program committed to serving the least served through education, health promotion, and collaboration. The majority of the WNHM sites are in churches in rural communities. Some are in larger cities, including a site at the historic San Fernando Cathedral in downtown San Antonio.
Our Difference
It's Difference Here

MHM team members know that the job they do is going to make a difference in someone's life. Someone whose child is sick and cannot afford to pay for medication; an elderly person who, if not for our family wellness programming, would have no social support system; or a person who has been diagnosed with diabetes and needs help managing their disease.

Team Approach

The contribution each team member makes is important to our growth and success, and more importantly, in helping to achieve our mission.
From the top levels of our leadership to staff who are on the frontlines of our clinics, there is a commitment to ensure each member of the team is successful and fulfilled in their position. Team members are provided with tools and resources to strengthen their performance and have access to training that allows for continued professional development.

Core Values
Methodist Healthcare Ministries' team members defined their own set of core values. These are embraced in the message of "I am the caring servant," and shape our relationship with the people we serve and each other. Our values are more than a philosophy at MHM; it is the compass that guides our behavior and the manner in which we do our jobs.
Integrity: We are honest, accountable and responsible. We are loyal in everything we say and do.
Making a Difference: We are dedicated to improving the lives of those in need to make a lasting change.
Teamwork: We work together by blending the talents and gifts of all involved for the greater good.
Compassion: We listen and act to serve with love and respect.
Spirituality: We see the kind of person God dreams each individual can become.
Corporate Office:
4507 Medical Drive
San Antonio, TX 78229

(210) 692-0234
(800) 959-6673

website: www.mhm.org
email: info@mhm.org