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Veritas, Inc.

Sales - Marketing
100 - 250 employees  |  
Veritas Inc (Atlanta, GA) was founded in February of 2002 when the firm opened its first doors in Denver, Colorado. In just over 10 years, Veritas Inc has expanded into 60 markets across the United States from Atlanta, Georgia to Seattle, Washington. Veritas Inc's goal is to continue to grow the business and extend its presence to over 100 markets in the United States by the conclusion of 2014. Management at Veritas Inc reviews the company's direction: "Veritas Inc Atlanta knows exactly where it is going, just not everyone’s coming with us. Our entire future is based on who we hire. We hire individuals we like to be around and they tend to be fun people who work hard." Veritas Inc Atlanta's main emphasis is on creating an enjoyable environment where an employee has got to earn his or her way into the industry.

Veritas Inc. reviews the company's recruitment philosophy: "If you think you’ve got the goods, good. Make your case, and we’ll see if we can make it happen. In the meantime, see what others have accomplished after taking their first step. In order to keep up to speed with our growing list of clients, we too must grow. However, quality over quantity is vital to this growth."

The clients of Veritas Inc Atlanta are most impressed with the firm's ability to aggressively increase sales, while representing them with the highest degree of integrity and professionalism. The company's objective is to facilitate this growth by finding quality candidates trained to expand the organization. These candidates must be extremely skilled in the fields of management, training, and outsourced direct marketing. However, as the only company specializing in outsourced direct marketing, finding these quality candidates has presented a challenge.
Veritas Inc Atlanta Mission
Management at Veritas Inc reviews the firm's mission: "We believe the success of a company is in direct correlation with the success of every individual that makes up its workforce. We value integrity and work ethic, as they are imperative instruments in the evolution of a thriving company.

Our company believes in establishing an atmosphere of winning. How do we know when we have won? When we visibly see our people growing professionally and personally, a reciprocating energy is easily identifiable amongst the complete staff. This intertwining, vivacious aura enables us to grow as a group exponentially."

The executive team at Veritas Incorporated in Atlanta believes that to be cutting-edge, you have to be visionary. In fact, management considers Veritas’ face-to-face sales professionals to be just that – thanks to their unique skill set developed through our rigorous training in professionalism and conduct, the ability to communicate effectively and the importance of a diligent attitude and positive outlook. The results translate into strategic opportunities and sought after skills that can be applied to any workplace, industry or in everyday situations.
Opportunities at Veritas
Due to Veritas Inc's ability to make the partnership with their clients a win-win situation, they are demanding more services in more locations. As a result of this demand, Veritas Inc Atlanta has opportunities available for individuals with a strong work ethic who exhibit managerial potential.
Contact Veritas Inc Atlanta
Veritas, Inc.
1425 Ellsworth Industrial Blvd., N.W., Unit 20, Atlanta, GA 30318

: 404-355-3486
FAX: 404-869-0024
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