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Southwest Behavioral Health Services (SBH) was established in 1969 as a federally funded program under a partnership known as St. Luke's - Jane Wayland Community Mental Health Center.

Incorporated in 1974 as a 501(c)3 non-profit, the organization continued to grow as Phoenix South Community Mental Health Center when federal funding ceased in 1979.

A merger acquisition of Community Behavioral Health in 1995 strengthened our position as one of the largest community-based behavioral health providers in the state.

The merger acquisition of Rim Guidance Center in Payson, Arizona has allowed SBH to achieve a major, long-term goal: to expand services beyond Maricopa County and thereby reduce dependence upon a single source of revenue. After over 30 years of community service, Southwest Behavioral Health Services continues to prosper.

Our agency employs over 400 full-time staff with an additional workforce available from part-time positions and contracts. Staff and volunteers reflect the cultural diversity of the community. SBH is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of approximately 15 community volunteers. Our service area includes the Phoenix Metropolitan area, rural western Maricopa County, and northern Gila County. In addition, we serve some residents of Pinal County.

SBH attained CARF (The Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission) accreditation in May 1998, and just renewed for an additional 3 years in 2001 for several programs, including the Crisis Recovery Units, Prevention Programs, Residential Services for persons with serious mental illness, and Outpatient Services.

Historically, SBH has assumed a leadership role in development and delivery of services in the areas of housing, residential care, prevention services, outpatient services to children, incarcerated persons and dually diagnosed adults (SMI/SA).

Recent efforts include identifying SBH as a nationally certified trainer for the FAST prevention program (Spring 2000) and being chosen by ValueOptions to participate in the UCLA/Rand Corp. research study to introduce the "recovery model" to SMI consumers and staff members (August 2000).

In September 2000, SBH implemented a contract from ValueOptions as the lead agency of the Southwest Network, a partnership of behavioral health providers. This partnership delivers children's' behavioral health services throughout Maricopa County. It is the first step toward implementing "risk-based" contracts and a provider run service delivery system for all populations.

Over the past couple of years, Southwest Behavioral Health Services has experienced rapid growth of its behavioral health programs. SBH has developed a reputation as an innovative leader in behavioral health. Our services are evidence-based and include treatment of co-occurring disorders, the FAST model in prevention services, the Arizona Treatment Initiative for children and families, and the Recovery Model for persons with serious mental illness.


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