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Bridges of America

The overall purpose of Bridges of America's substance abuse treatment program is to provide clients with the chemical dependency issues an opportunity to experience freedom from life-threatening problems that are associated with substance abuse. The programs have multiple alternatives to meet the needs of clients with diverse treatment issues. A lifestyle change occurs in a social context. Negative behavior and attitudes are not acquired in isolation and, likewise, recovery depends not only on what has been learned, but also on where the learning occurs.

Bridges of America provides an atmosphere of positive peer pressure and positive role models. The Program is designed to seek out and eliminate the root cause of the substance abuse problem and provide healing for the whole person: spirit, body and mind.
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Bridges of America 2001 Mercy Drive, Suite 101 Orlando, Florida, 32808 Tel (407)291-1500
Currently, Bridges of America offers a number of services including but not limited to Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation, Transitional Living and Prison Work Release.

Bridges of America would like to expand and enhance supervised aftercare housing with drug treatment for male and female offenders, parolees, and those on probation who need residential assistance as well as outpatient treatment services.

Bridges of America would also like to expand and enhance outpatient services for those male and female offenders, parolees, and those on probation in need of continued treatment in a non-residential setting.
It is Bridges of America's desire to expand and enhance medium-level residential (60 days to one year) to male and female offenders, parole and probation violators, or prison diversion offenders who have failed outpatient or drug treatment and are in need of more intensive long-term treatment.