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Employer Quick Look

Sun Sentinel Media Group

Newspaper, Printing - Publishing

Sun Sentinel Media Group has been serving the South Florida
market for over 130 years and is part of the Tribune Company, one of the most
respected media companies in the world. We build upon that heritage by
reinventing and adapting ourselves to the realities of today, providing
customers with quality products and services to build a strong and long-lasting

Who we are

The Sun-Sentinel traces its roots to Fort Lauderdale's early settlement days. By the end of the Great Depression, the newspaper along with Fort Lauderdale, emerged from the economic downturn and began a dramatic growth cycle. The first Sunday morning edition was printed in 1953. In 1963, the Sun-Sentinel was purchased by its present owners, the Tribune Co. of Chicago, linking it with an international group of media and publication properties. In this area, Sun-Sentinel has five major locations.

Company Facts:

Sun-Sentinel is the major daily newspaper of Broward and Palm Beach counties. On a typical day, there are at least 170 pages of news and advertising information.

• Sun-Sentinel reaches more than 600,000 readers daily and more than 850,000 on Sundays.

• Sun-Sentinel has the largest news-gathering staff in its market -- more than all other newspapers, radio and television stations combined.

• Within the newspaper industry, Sun-Sentinel is noted for its extensive zoning, including a series of part-run community news sections, and a number of full-run news pages.

• The company has been repeatedly recognized with awards for its editorial sports coverage, investigative reporting, local Sunday magazine and color technology applications
Employee Involvement Our staff of culturally diversified, creative and productive men and women are dedicated to realizing their potential and that of the company. Employees can expect challenging opportunities, a safe and supportive workplace and rewards for achievements.
Sun-Sentinel respects and values the differences human, social, cultural, commercial and geographic of modern society.