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Schawk Retail Marketing

Strategy. Creative. Execution. Schawk’s historical roots stretch back more than 50 years into the execution of brand marketing – into a very wide range of graphics and premedia services. But through intelligent growth and by watching and responding to our clients’ needs, we have acquired and developed skills and services that guide the life of a brand from its conception to its packaging and its advertising and promotion worldwide, throughout its lifecycle.

With thousands of employees working on four continents, Schawk can prepare you for engagement with consumers at countless brand points around the globe – from brand consulting and strategic planning, through the conception and design of all branded material, to oversight of all premedia processes, including enterprise technology services that help advance your go-to-market strategy – to ensure compelling, consistent brand execution worldwide.

Schawk Retail Marketing is a leader in the creation of online, offline and in-store marketing communications for many of the world’s top retailers. Schawk Retail Marketing typically seeks professionals in retail marketing, market research, creative, photography, studio management, merchandise styling and traffic coordination.
Our mission is to help our clients drive the most value through their brands and to elevate the standards of the industry. By helping companies of all sizes create compelling and consistent brand experiences, we help them deepen affinity between their brands and consumers. We do this by integrating strategic, creative and executional services across brand touchpoints throughout the world from more than 60 offices today. Our values are based on the following core beliefs: * Maintain and uphold fairness, honesty and integrity in all we do * Provide the highest quality of client service through guardianship and partnership * Relentlessly pursue and develop innovative knowledge resources, solutions and technologies * Create an open, nurturing and stimulating environment for all employees
As a company that was founded by an entrepreneur and continues to bear the name of its founder and its President and CEO, Schawk’s culture blends a spirit of entrepreneurship with the rigors of business discipline. Our company’s culture encourages innovation and the ability to translate creativity into real world problem solving, prizes the highest level of ethical behavior, expects collaboration between and respect for others, values a consistently strong work ethic and rewards top performance. The phrase, “People. Passion. Performance.” conveys both what we look for in prospective employees and what we expect
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Schawk’s Code of Ethics clearly sets forth the expectations the Company has of the professional behavior of its employees. Our code is made up of principles and practices that have sustained the Company through its growth and development for over 50 years, and that have been the cornerstone of our foundation since our inception.

The Code is based on values that have guided our business in its relationships with individuals and the business community. The rules, regulations, rights and benefits as set forth in policies of the Company, and in handbooks that are presented to employees of the Company, are an integral part of the Code. We publicize this Code of Ethics so that the marketplace also knows our principles and standards of ethical conduct.

The values on which the Code is based include truthfulness, honesty, fairness, respect, and the clear and accurate representation of positions in relationships with clients, suppliers, stakeholders, and the community. The conduct of our employees determines the impressions and perceptions others have of Schawk.

It is therefore the personal responsibility of all Schawk employees in dealing with clients, suppliers, government agencies, employees, shareholders, and the public to see that the Company continues to operate under the highest of ethical standards.
Schawk’s story began in 1953 in suburban Chicago with its founding by Clarence W. Schawk.

Begun as a printing platemaking business with three employees working out of a residential basement, Schawk, Inc. today operates from more than 60 locations around the world, driven by the passion and performance of its thousands of employees.

Five decades of strategic acquisitions and capital investments in technology have transformed a small, conventional U.S. supplier into a strategic global business partner serving a client base that includes most of the world’s biggest and most respected companies.

Always viewed and watched as an industry leader, Schawk’s bold approach to meeting its clients’ ever-evolving needs has positioned the company uniquely to offer globally integrated strategic, creative and executional services to deliver brand point management solutions that enhance brand performance.
Many of the world’s biggest consumer products companies, advertising agencies and printers rely on us every day for innovative brand imaging solutions that help them achieve strategic business goals.

Our packaging and advertising workflow solutions are global, integrated and one-of-a-kind. From one end of the workflow to the other.

Explore the services and products available through our three core competency groups: Graphic Services & Prepress, Brand Consulting & Design and Enterprise Products.
A culturally and ethnically diverse workforce is not just good for business, it’s good for people. We believe that the more diverse our workforce is, the more diverse our thinking is and the more the diverse our thinking is, the more likely we are to have better ideas; stronger ideas that drive the success of our company and our employees forward.

A multicultural workforce is a reflection of the world around all of our employees and our clients, no matter where they may work. Our hiring practices consider a multitude of variables and backgrounds. We are equally committed to the continuing education and professional development of our employees, ensuring that they have the tools and resources they need to achieve success.
Worldwide Headquarters
Schawk, Inc.
1695 River Road
Des Plaines, Illinois 60018

Schawk Corporate: (847) 827-9494
Talent Acquisition: (312) 260-6213