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SRA Associates

HQ: Hi Nella, NJ   |  
SRA Associates is a nationally licensed and bonded receivables management services organization located in Southern New Jersey. Founded in 1994 by co-owners John Chiara and Jim Deiter, SRA Associates quickly established a reputation for delivering superior debt liquidation results while also providing unmatched customer service.

Over the years SRA Associates has developed into one of the most dependable results-oriented service providers in the industry. We offer our customers a cost-effective extension to their in-house recovery efforts. When you partner with us, you have instant access to a dedicated and professionally trained collection staff, a team of experienced managers focused solely on liquidating your bad debt while adhering to all federal and state guidelines and access to state of the art workflow technology. Our customers can absolutely count on an outstanding return on investment.

As our growth continues, SRA Associates pledges to maintain an unmatched level of customer service. We will strive to create and foster partnerships with organizations who desire a partner who is focused on liquidating bad debt while maintaining compliance with all federal and state guidelines.
SRA Associates provides an extremely professional work environment. Company provides a comfortable lunchroom facility, regulation pool table and shuffle board table on the premise to use during breaks and off time.
SRA Associates provides employees with company sponsored Medical/Dental insurance, 401k program, company paid vacation time, and company paid sick days.
SRA Associates’ mission is simple and clear; to constantly exceed all of our client’s expectations while outperforming all of our competition. We know our success is totally dependent on how we perform for our customers. We're proud that our consistent growth has stemmed mainly from satisfied customers expanding our relationships and by the many word-of-mouth referrals we routinely receive.
The account receivables management industry is extremely competitive and labor intensive. In order for an organization to be successful, it requires low turnover and a continuous influx of highly skilled and trained individuals who are motivated to consistently deliver results that are superior to their competition.

SRA Associate's mission is to be the number one provider for each of our clients, meaning we provide the highest level of performance as well as trouble free service. From collectors and skip tracers to managers and executives, the most important resource necessary to achieve our mission is people.

SRA Associates is very selective in our recruiting process and is extremely proud of our thorough training program. This combination has worked extremely well in attracting, developing, and retaining new employees. In an industry fraught with employee turnover, especially on the collector level, SRA Associates stands apart. We value our employees and ensure that they are rewarded both with compensation and recognition. From SRA Associates’ inception, we have forged a "Promote From Within Philosophy" so that every individual has the opportunity to advance based on his or her performance, attitude, and level of professionalism. SRA Associates is extremely proud that based on this philosophy, our entire line level management team has been promoted to their current positions from staff level positions. Furthermore, the average tenure of our line level management team is in excess of eight years SRA Associates experience.
SRA Associates has been providing third party collection services since 1994. The core focus and backbone of the organization is split between two main divisions. The Loan Division and the Retail Bankcard Division.

The Loan Division exclusively services loan and lease products, including: consumer/commercial deficiency balance accounts, secured and unsecured installment loans, lease deficiencies and end of term lease delinquencies.

The Retail Bankcard Division is made up of consumer/commercial charge card accounts, retail store credit cards, private label credit card accounts and DDA overdraft checking accounts.

SRA Associates’ proven and proprietary collection techniques, as well as our dedication to providing our clients with outstanding results and trouble-free performance, makes us one of the most trusted and relied upon agencies in the industry.

Loan Division

SRA Associates
is expert in recovering charged off secured and unsecured installment loans, deficiency balances from leased and purchased assets, as well as end of term leased asset delinquencies. Full service collection processes are offered for both consumer and commercial markets. We possesses extensive experience servicing all levels of placements.

Retail Bankcard Division

SRA Associates
is expert in recovering charged off Visa/Mastercard accounts, retail store credit cards, retail private label credit cards, as well as overdraft DDA checking accounts. Full service collection processes are offered for both consumer and commercial markets. We possesses extensive experience servicing all levels of placements.

Full service collection processes include;
  • Full and complete adherence to all Federal and State laws
  • Scrubbing inventory for bankruptcies and deceased
  • Combined automated and manual skip tracing
  • Contact through telephone calls and letter series
  • Customer education
  • Dispute resolution.
  • Negotiation of payment terms
  • Payment processing
  • Detailed reporting

SRA Associates Inc. 401 Minnetonka Road Hi-Nella, New Jersey 08083