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Claddagh Resources

Claddagh Resources (Claddagh) is a leader in providing Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Sales Force Recruitment and Executive Search services. Our clients are in the following sectors: financial services, pharmaceutical, consulting, manufacturing and technology. We introduce our clients to leading edge web technologies and methodologies and guarantee an improvement in the efficiency of their hiring processes, at a reduced cost.

Our recruitment philosophy at Claddagh is based on the heritage of our Irish name and its traditions. Our name is derived from the Irish Claddagh Symbol, which has a long history of representing loyalty and partnership. To that end, Claddagh believes in building customer loyalty through developing a thorough understanding of each client's needs, and then partnering with the client to develop and deliver a total solution to meet those needs.

To further develop customer loyalty, Claddagh believes that the client is not just the Company but also each individual hiring manager. This allows Claddagh's dedicated client teams to develop strong working relationships with each hiring manager from Field Sales Management to Corporate Management and other hiring managers.
Claddagh Resources aim is to become the premier Outsourced Recruiting and Research Firm in the world. Our philosophy is to develop intimate win-win alliances, involving proactive partnering and strategic joint venture relationships with a combination of Fortune 100 companies and selected high growth companies. We intend to leverage technology, allowing us to provide better service at a competitive price. We recognize the need to continue to attract high caliber individuals with long term commitments aligned with our goals.
You may be familiar with the old customer service cliché, "When a client walks into the room and says 'Jump!' You say, How high?" At Claddagh, we believe that this is totally the wrong approach. Claddagh differentiates itself from the competition by believing that we should be so closely aligned with our clients that the client does not need to tell us when to jump. The client should walk into the room and we should already be jumping at exactly the right height, and know how many times to jump!

The systems and technologies Claddagh has developed allow us to customize our offering not just to different clients but to each hiring manager within the client's organization. An example of how Claddagh works hard, and often behind the scenes, to bring our Clients the best recruitment solutions in the market today is listed below.

When Claddagh received the request to develop an employee referral program for one of our larger clients, we approached it by asking the question, "What else does this company need as part of their solution to make them even more competitive in the marketplace?" The answers to this question led to the development of a custom branded Pro-Employment Web Portal that allows not only for the management of an employee referral program, but also allows job seekers to search and apply for jobs on the website, advertising of the benefits of becoming part of the team and a section to promote the company as an employer of choice. This particular custom site was launched in February 2005 and is a successful part of the HR strategy.