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We are a multi-billion-dollar company with nearly 1,000 stores in 29 states in the U.S. – part of a network of 3,800 stores worldwide. As the leading select-assortment grocer, our highly successful business model is built on creating efficiencies at every level – from store construction to distribution to the specific products we stock. And one of the many reasons we thrive is our adherence to a simple principle that guides everything we do: if it doesn’t maximize sales or reduce expenses, then it’s not right for ALDI.
We’ve revolutionized the grocery industry with our unique business model – a model that enables us to provide the highest quality products at the lowest prices. The value we offer our customers stems from the numerous efficiencies and innovations we’ve instituted at every level of our operation. Today, millions of shoppers around the world are enjoying a smarter way to shop. The Store The premise is simple. Give the customer virtually everything they use the most – in a smaller, more manageable environment. And it’s an environment that’s designed with an eye toward the future, using high-quality materials that will stand the test of time, increasing operational cost savings and efficiency. The Products At the core of our operations are the products themselves. An incredible ninety-five percent are select brand products – each one produced to meet or exceed the quality of national brand names. All of these select brand products are backed by our signature Double Quality Guarantee. If customers are not satisfied with the product, it’s replaced AND their money is refunded. The Pricing Our broad selection of high-quality, select brand product offerings means consumers pay for the product itself, not national brand advertising, couponing, and branding. This allows us to price our groceries at nearly forty percent less than the competitors. The Distribution Every day, millions of dollars in product pass through a single ALDI warehouse. This distribution channel is where our efficiencies truly shine, taking full advantage of being both the distributor and retailer of our product range.
Our Success
With millions of shoppers already embracing ALDI’s tremendous savings opportunities on a weekly basis, our aggressive U.S. expansion plan includes launching over one hundred locations every year in thriving new markets, while continuing to build a strong network of stores in established areas. That’s why we continue to be one of the leading grocery retailers in the world.
Our History
ALDI’s storied beginnings can be traced back to turn of the century Europe, but it wasn’t until 1976 that our unique business model of efficiency – as a select-assortment retailer – made its historic debut in the U.S. And what began with only a handful of locations in southeastern Iowa has now exploded into a multi-billion-dollar retail business with nearly 1,000 locations in 29 states and a burgeoning presence in Europe and Australia.
Our Diversity & Community
At ALDI, we recognize the value of diversity. It’s the unique experiences, qualities, and ideas of all of our people that allow us to see the bigger picture, be successful, and grow as a company. That’s why we aggressively recruit from a wide range of talent pools.

Our commitment begins every day when we open our doors. We’re dedicated to offering the highest-quality products at the lowest possible prices. And when the average savings is forty to fifty percent on any given visit… and between four and five thousand dollars over the course of a year, we’re giving our customers an opportunity to shop smarter for the groceries they need and use on a daily basis. But our commitment doesn’t end in our immediate area. ALDI actively partners with a variety of community, civic and charitable organizations to bring positive change across the nation and around the world.
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