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Saint Luke’s Northland Hospital

Saint Luke's Northland Hospital - Barry Road Campus

The Barry Road Campus is currently a 58-bed facility conveniently located at the intersection of I-29 and Barry Road. Opened in February of 1989, the hospital is the Northland's newest general acute care hospital. This facility has over 400 physicians on staff and employs over 500 employees. Over 40 physicians representing many different medical specialties have offices on the Barry Road campus. Click here to see a list of Medical Specialties offered at this campus.

Saint Luke's Northland Hospital - Smithville Campus

The Smithville Campus is a 92-bed facility founded by Dr. Arch E. Spelman in 1938. The Smithville campus is the Northland area's first hospital. It is conveniently located near the intersection of highways MO92 and US 169. The Smithville campus has recorded many "firsts" throughout its long history. This facility has over 50 physicians on staff. The region's first inpatient physical rehabilitation center opened here in 1969 and has grown today to be regional referral center for patients and families throughout Northwest Missouri and the Kansas City area. Also, that same year, the area's first hospital-based home care program was opened in Smithville.
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May 19, 2006
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New technology in treating chronic sinus infections now available

at Saint Luke’s Hospital Balloon catheter unblocks sinus passageway KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A new, minimally invasive technology for treating chronic sinus inflammation is now available at Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City. The technology uses a small catheter and balloon to quickly open and expand blocked sinuses.Sinusitis is one of the most common chronic health problems in the U.S., afflicting 37 million Americans each year. Patients suffer headaches, congestion, fatigue, and other
symptoms. This condition significantly impacts an individual’s physical, functional, and
emotional quality of life.

Until recently, sinusitis patients were limited to two treatment options: medical therapy such as antibiotics and topical nasal steroids, or conventional sinus surgery such as Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS). Medical therapy can help alleviate symptoms for 75-80 percent of patients but is inadequate for the rest. For them, sinus surgery is often the best option. However, FESS is a conventional surgery that requires
bone and tissue removal in order to open up blocked sinus passageways. In lieu of a desired treatment, more than 600,000 patients elect to live with painful sinus conditions.Now, there is an evolution in endoscopic sinus surgery with the balloon technology. A small, flexible balloon catheter is placed through a nostril into the blocked sinus
passageway. The balloon is then inflated to gently restructure and open the sinus passageway, restoring normal sinus drainage and function.
Otolaryngologist R. Vanneman Spake, M.D., is the first physician in the area to offer this
technology. He said, “The Balloon Sinuplasty™ device is a true advance in sinus care
because in many cases it can be done without removing any tissue or bone. That means
Page 2 of 2 faster recovery times and less post-procedure discomfort. I’m seeing encouraging results
in my first patients who are experiencing significant improvement in their symptoms.”
Patricia Schmaus of Prairie Village was one of Dr. Spake’s first balloon sinuplasty patients in April. Schmaus suffered from pain and congestion for years. During and following the procedure, no pain medications were necessary, nor was any post-surgical packing to stop bleeding. “I felt better immediately,” said Schmaus. “So far, so good.”
Sinusitis patients who are considering their options should talk with their physician. For
more information about the technology visit www.balloonsinuplasty.com.

Saint Luke’s Hospital is a member of Saint Luke's Health System, which consists of 11
area hospitals and many primary care practices, and provides a range of primary, acute,
tertiary, and chronic care services. The health system is an organization in which the
physicians and hospitals, functioning as an integrated unit, assume responsibility for the
delivery of comprehensive, cost-effective, quality health care for people in the
metropolitan Kansas City area and the surrounding region.
At Saint Luke's Northland Hospital, we are committed to providing quality Healthcare services to enhance the physical, mental, and spiritual Health of the people of the Northland and surrounding region. As a member of the Saint Luke's Health System we are dedicated to partnering with patients, physicians, payers, Healths, our community, and others.
Saint Luke's Northland Hospital provides comprehensive care for the Northland community. From emergency services, to surgery, to maternity services, Saint Luke's Northland continues to expand the depth of services available on their two campuses.

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