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We're the leading contract logistics provider in the Americas thanks to the hard work of 40,000 associates at more than 500 sites throughout the U.S., Canada, and Latin America. Together we generate more than $4.0 billion in annual revenues.

How do we do it? By providing innovative, customized supply chain solutions and third-party logistics to some of the world's best-known and most successful companies. Our supply chain design, consulting, warehousing, fulfillment, and transportation services help companies be more productive, more efficient and more competitive. In all cases, our customer is at the center of everything we do — from initial situation analysis to the continuous improvement programs that help deliver better results every day.

Exel is part of the Supply Chain division of Deutsche Post DHL, the world's leading logistics group, with more than 300,000 employees in more than 220 countries and territories around the world and annual revenues of more than 50 billion euros.

Deutsche Post DHL is the parent company of DHL, the global leader in international express, overland transport, and air freight. Being part of the global DHL Supply Chain and sister company to DHL Express allows us to add more value to our customers' supply chain management solutions in the Americas and around the world.

Talent and Values
Partnerships are defined by the people involved, and ours are exceptional. Our associates understand the big picture and embrace their role in it. What separates Exel associates from our peers is the ability to focus on work while contemplating what's next.

Exel is home to the best minds in the logistics management business. We arm them with processes that keep projects on track, and foster a culture of continuous improvement. The result: the constant pursuit of greater efficiencies, exceptional service, and new ideas.


Exel improves efficiency and quality in every phase of the supply chain. Supply Chain Analysis and Design Many customers come to Exel with a business problem, and not necessarily a supply chain problem. Through supply chain consulting and network design studies, we show customers the big picture — what's working and what could be optimized for operational efficiency and better service to customers. We combine innovative supply chain modeling tools with the real-life practical experience we've accumulated over hundreds of implementations. The result is a supply chain that will help starting day one — and give the flexibility to meet changing business needs. Supply Chain Management Designing a great solution is just the first step. Exel can also help put the plan in place, becoming an extension of our customers in the implementation and ongoing management of their supply chains. Our commitment to quality assurance and continuous improvement keeps everyone focused and effective. At Exel, it's all about how we work to build a foundation for ongoing success. When our customers are more nimble as a business and achieve better visibility throughout the supply chain — well, that's when we know we've accomplished our goal. Inbound to Manufacturing Adapting to shorter product lifecycles and lead times is a constant challenge. That's why Exel designs and implements better ways to manage inbound to manufacturing. Our solutions provide complete end-to-end logistics management of inventories, facilities, and labor associated with the inbound flow of materials. We ensure the right components are delivered to the right manufacturing point at the right time. From material originating at the vendor to consumption at the manufacturers' production line, our supply chain event management tool gives full control of the entire supply chain. And by providing real-time visibility to inventory, customers can reduce inventory carrying costs, improve delivery times, and respond swiftly to market changes. In-Plant Services Our in-plant services include a range of programs provided within our customers' facilities and property fence lines. Exel is dedicated to achieving the highest level of operating safety. We can support a customer’s team — or be a customer’s team — by handling such tasks as labor management, yard management, railcar switching, and cleaning, among others. Exel in-plant services help cut costs, increase productivity, and get the best out of the most valuable resource: people. This isn't about taking control — it's about giving more control. Quality and safety are part of our culture, and we invest substantial time building consistent processes and training to achieve our goals of zero recordable incidents. Manufacturing Services Exel offers customers a helping hand with manufacturing a broad spectrum of food and beverage products. Our Power Packaging operation is the largest contract manufacturer of food and beverage products in North America. We produce everything from aseptic beverages to cake mixes for some of the largest consumer brands in the world. And we deliver it in highly popular forms of packaging, ranging from rigid containers to handy, single-serving beverage flavor packs. We leverage our facilities, equipment, people, and processes to blend, fill, carton and case pack products in one of our dedicated or multi-customer operations. With on-site quality assurance labs in each of our seven North American facilities, we continually test products to make sure every run meets high standards. Warehousing and Order Fulfillment Designing and operating a customized warehouse that delivers bottom-line benefits is at the heart of all our solutions. By outsourcing fulfillment to Exel, customers can make their people more productive, their organization more efficient, and their business more competitive. Our focus on operational excellence means our customers get consistent quality across their fulfillment operations. We develop key performance measures for each site and review those on a monthly basis to ensure our customers not only get the service they expect, but the service they deserve. Our solutions allow for decreased inventory, increased fill-rates, and quick responses to changes in customer demand. Assembly and Packaging Our customers face the continuous challenge of meeting their customers' product requirements. Changes in package variations make it difficult to deliver the right product to the right customer. That's why they need a partner like Exel. Whether they need to assemble multiple components or create a value pack for a retailer, Exel has the solution that will add speed and efficiency to the process. Co-locating the assembly and/or packaging with the storage of products not only saves money but removes steps in the supply chain. The elimination of transportation time to a packaging facility means customers can reduce lead times and decrease inventory. And by having Exel perform all these activities, they get the same visibility and operational excellence that they've grown to expect from the market leader in contract logistics. Transportation Management Moving products from manufacturing plants to warehouses, between facilities and to distributors, can represent more than half of a customer’s total logistics costs. Add international sourcing or distribution, and those costs can skyrocket even higher. When customers work with Exel for transportation, there are simply fewer vendors and tasks to manage. We can provide services from a total transportation outsource to helping find capacity when a tough load needs to be moved. Our asset-neutral approach allows us to design a transportation solution that leverages multiple modes to ensure products arrive where they need to be at the lowest landed cost. We can put our carrier sourcing expertise to work in securing and managing the optimal combination of service providers. Or, we can manage a network of carriers. With our core transportation solution, customers also get a leading-edge Transportation Management System (TMS) configured and deployed to their specifications. We add strong operating procedures and seasoned personnel to help transform transportation networks into a competitive advantage. Service Parts Logistics Getting replacement parts to an impatient market is not for the timid. We know customers can't afford to wait. They want their parts now, if not sooner. Through DHL Solutions, we design and maintain systems that not only get customers the parts they need quickly, but also help anticipate and prepare for that demand. We give our customers a complete perspective of their supply chain and inventory of what they've got in stock and in motion. And we manage an end-to-end model that integrates transportation, warehousing, and repair-cycle management. How do we do it all? With a strategic network of global and regional warehouses and forward-stocking locations — all supported by professionals who understand the metrics that determine success in the technology market. The result: service that's faster, more reliable, and costs less to operate. Reverse Logistics The key to a successful supply chain is not only planning how to distribute your product, but how to bring it back — both customer returns and obsolete products. Managing returns effectively allows our customers to recapture value or reduce write-offs, while keeping their customers happy. Exel will help design, plan, and implement a reverse supply chain that supports profit goals and provides the maximum value for assets. We bring to reverse logistics the exacting management, resources, and technology required to increase control and asset recovery, improve information management, and save administrative time. Whether we're handling product returns to help recapture value, or managing recycling processes to help safely dispose of goods, we'll provide a better experience for our customer’s business.

Who We Serve

Exel delivers supply chain solutions to market leaders in a wide range of industries.

The automotive industry is in continuous motion. Manufacturing costs are rising. Demand is shifting. Globalization is changing the competitive landscape. Manufacturers, distributors, and dealers are responding to these challenges by looking at how they go to market — and how they get to market. Exel's extensive experience in automotive logistics is helping improve the way our customers get to market. We work in and around active supply chains to reduce cost and inefficiency, clarify processes, and improve delivery accuracy. Our people, processes, and services are geared toward simplifying the most complex and extended supply chains.

Anyone who works in the chemical industry knows that safety and constant changes in global supply and demand dramatically affect the supply chain. As always, products must also arrive safely and on time. This is why having a "good" transportation and logistics company just isn't good enough. Customers need the best, and Exel is the supply chain management company that delivers. We believe that in industries driven by the strictest safety and environmental regulations, there are still opportunities to increase control and reduce costs. We adhere to all safety guidelines, while best managing our customers' individual goals to safely and efficiently transport chemicals. We offer solutions that improve each phase of the chemical logistics supply chain. No wonder seven of the world's 10 top chemical companies choose Exel as a trusted contract logistics partner.

Increasing sales and market share is about much more than delivering products to consumers. It's about maintaining higher levels of quality than ever before. It's about innovative programs that bundle products into compelling packages. And it's about living by the rules of retail giants. Exel helps every step of the way. We work with the biggest manufacturers and retailers in the world, so we understand every phase of the supply chain. Our processes improve speed to market, reduce damage to products, and strengthen relationships with the companies that put products front and center. Our services include innovative manufacturing solutions for getting packaged food and beverage products ready for sale and floor-ready promotional displays that get them noticed. Our flexible warehousing solutions provide the safety and security customers demand; our cleverly designed mixing centers and transportation options deliver the wider selection and smaller quantities that many retailers desire.

The pressure to be competitive is forcing companies to adjust the way they do business. For many industrial producers, the solution for increasing material and labor costs is to look overseas for product sourcing. And for every dollar saved offshore, another dollar (or more) will be spent on an increasingly complex supply chain. Exel understands the unique logistics challenges facing industrial, manufacturing, and engineering companies. We provide a wide range of services that help align warehouse and transportation operations with business strategies. Our processes, technology, and extensive network of facilities throughout the Americas drive cost and capital out of customer operations, while ensuring consistent and predictable service.

Life Sciences
Pharmaceutical, consumer healthcare, and medical equipment companies provide life-saving products to the global community. It's a big responsibility — one that requires regulatory oversight and risks that far outweigh the typical supply chain investment. Exel understands the challenges facing life sciences companies. We've created solutions that help meet today's supply chain challenges and anticipate those of tomorrow. Track and trace, item level serialization, cold chain flexibility, and direct distribution are among the many business needs you're facing. We can help develop solutions together. Specialty logistics service providers are prevalent in the life sciences industry. Exel is one of the only complete supply chain providers for this market. It's not just the services we offer that make us unique. Our disciplined processes, high quality standards and commitment to zero defects mean that you'll get reliable, consistent service. These repeatable processes also ensure compliance with government agencies such as the FDA and the DEA.

We know that demanding customers, hyper-competitive markets, increased customization, and other retail challenges have major implications for logistics. So we offer a host of integrated services that can improve every phase of the supply chain, satisfy customers, and help companies optimize their market position. Over the years, we've developed countless innovative solutions for supply chain management, then honed and refined them as we've worked with companies around the world. When it comes to analyzing, optimizing, and managing transportation, warehousing, and other retail logistics, nobody's better than Exel. We have a significant infrastructure and operational presence in most global retail markets, with a portfolio of services that spans everything from supply chain strategy and network design to in-store logistics.

The technology industry works at a fast pace. It's all about getting products into the hands of tech-hungry consumers and businesses as soon as possible. By outsourcing to Exel, customers get the supply chain flexibility needed to keep pace with the dynamically changing technology marketplace. Exel provides an end-to-end solution for technology supply chain needs. Our flexible solutions mean we can provide dedicated warehousing, short-term space for a project or space in a shared use facility. Whether managing inbound parts to manufacturing plants, distributing goods to customer or servicing an aftermarket parts network, Exel provides the visibility required to improve efficiency, reduce costs and deliver consistent results.

How We Work

Exel's approach sets us apart from other logistics providers. Our program managers, engineers, and experts pursue solutions that are focused on our customers’ challenges, but reflect lessons we've learned in other industries around the world. We know each supply chain is unique, as are the needs and objectives of each business. We recognize and respond with creativity, insight, and ownership.

Exel is driven by a process philosophy that is both disciplined and flexible. Whether we're conducting a network design study or managing an implementation, we use structures that keep our work on track and within budget. We've learned how to make our customers' projects successful and we've developed processes to leverage this knowledge.

But we are not driven by strict process alone. We listen and learn along the way so that our solution hits the mark for specific needs, scale, and market — and keeps getting better every year.

We believe how we work with customers makes us a true supply chain and business partner.

Join Our Team

People are Exel's most important asset. Our position as the industry leader in supply chain management and third-party logistics is directly related to the skills and knowledge that each Exel associate brings to the organization and our customers.

That is why we are always looking for smart individuals with diverse backgrounds — people who like to ask questions, solve problems, and insist on finding better ways to do things. These are the types of people winning logistics companies are made of.

At Exel, we all share a set of common values. To deliver excellent quality. To make our customers successful. To foster openness. To set and follow clear priorities. To be entrepreneurial. And to be socially responsible and act with integrity.

These are the things that bring us together as associates and set us apart from other logistics companies. Because people who work with purpose are most likely to raise expectations — that is what we do every day. We promise our customers the best possible supply chain management experience, and our people make this promise a reality.