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Comfort Systems USA

HQ: Indianapolis, IN   |  

Comfort Systems USA is a national heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) company headquartered in Houston, Texas. For the first time ever, the fragmented HVAC field, composed of as many as 35,000 different companies, offers you a single company to provide complete HVAC service, anywhere, anytime. While Comfort Systems USA is young, our companies average nearly thirty years of experience each. Comfort is our business, and our vast portfolio includes HVAC work for virtually every type of building you encounter - from your neighborhood grocery or school, to your favorite museums, libraries and restaurants.

Our technical experts design, install and fine-tune HVAC systems for downtown high-rises, hospitals, universities and national hotels. We’re also behind the scenes at factories and industrial plants that produce everything from potato chips to computer chips.

The advantages of working with a national leader of our size and scope far exceed what the industry has provided until now. By merging the talents of top HVAC-related firms from around the country, Comfort Systems USA renders the widest range of technical expertise and service available. With its extensive work history, Comfort Systems USA forms "centers of excellence" to guarantee success for any project, no matter what the size. If it involves heating, cooling, or circulating air and water, call Comfort Systems USA today.

Career Opportunities

When you are ready to evaluate the economic feasibility of building automation system renovations, or determine the likely impact of advanced control strategies for new facilities Comfort Systems USA can help. Whether the project involves energy engineering to determine the most effective energy saving measures, or developing a master plan for open systems integration, Comfort Systems USA has the technical knowledge, and practical project experience, to get the job done.

Whatever your systems preference, Comfort Systems USA offers building automation system products that span nearly every major supplier in the marketplace. This means that we can evaluate several options for meeting your unique building automation needs. We provide control solutions for commercial as well as industrial facilities.

If you need to combine several building system platforms, Comfort Systems USA can help. We have particular expertise integrating multiple building system disciplines, including HVAC, lighting, access control, and CCTV. In fact, Comfort Systems USA has been actively involved in defining BACnet and LonTalk standards as well as web-accessible and Internet-based solutions; the technologies that are the foundation of today's open systems architectures. When your integration needs extend beyond operation to building management, Comfort Systems USA can assist you in sharing critical building data with other enterprise-wide business systems.

Our work is not finished when construction is complete. Comfort Systems USA provides systems service and maintenance to be sure that your investment in a building automation system continues to reap benefits. We provide a variety of service options, including re-commissioning of existing systems and a staffed 24/7 monitoring center.

Comfort Systems USA has provided groundbreaking control solutions for major commercial, institutional and industrial clients across North America. Let us assist you to address your unique building automation and control challenges. Contact a Comfort Systems USA representative today to explore our full range of Building Automation Services.


Corporate Headquarters
Comfort Systems USA

675 Bering, Suite 400
Houston, TX 77057

Toll Free:
FAX: 800-723-8431