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Employer Quick Look

Verizon Wireless Authorized Retailer

HQ: Basking Ridge, NJ   |   100 - 250 employees  |  
"Having fun and getting paid for it!"

Our past and future success is based upon our corporate agility that has helped us adapt our product mix to address the needs of our customers. As technologies evolve from obscurity to mainstream, we will be first to market offering the most compelling communications solutions available.

The emergence of the Internet as a product-information resource, coupled with the expanding wireless communications market, presented a powerful opportunity to reach interested consumers.

We have built a strong reputation as a company for the consumer. This "Consumer First" approach and reputation has created an immense referral network - that is the basis for the company's strong foundation.
Why Verizon?

Founded upon our goal of being the leader in the wireless industry, we have aligned with companies that provide the most compelling products and services in the world. Verizon Wireless was chosen to be the carrier for our wireless offering because they provide our customers with a superior wireless experience. Verizon's "customer first" strategy is well aligned with the culture here. These synergies between our company and Verizon Wireless foster a strong partnership that allows us to offer you value and simplicity in an increasingly complex wireless world.

How do we know that Verizon's network is the best in the nation?

The most convincing source of support comes from network reliability studies. Network test teams (the real life test men and women who are the inspiration behind the popular national advertising campaign) across the nation with sophisticated telecommunication equipment. Verizon's vehicles are equipped with computers that automatically make over 300,000 call attempts monthly on the network and the networks of other carriers. These calls are placed while traveling on over 100,000 miles of the most frequently traveled roadways nationwide (as identified by the states' Departments of Transportation). Read examples of our regional reliability studies.

Each call is tabulated on computers inside the test vehicle as either a successful call, an ineffective attempt (a call that is blocked) or a lost call (a call that connects, but drops). After the test vehicles complete their routes, the network teams download the test results onto computers at our network test centers for compilation and analysis.

The network reliability test results have consistently shown that the number of ineffective attempts for the Verizon Wireless national network, and in major metropolitan centers and some remote areas, is lower than any other national carrier. The test results also indicate that calls that connect on the Verizon Wireless network are more likely to stay connected for the duration of the call.

Based on these test results, we believe that the Verizon Wireless network is the best in the country, hands down. These test results do not mean, however, that the Verizon Wireless network coverage and service is perfect everywhere in the country. No-one's is. But Verizon Wireless is obsessed with bringing you the best. So even though Verizon Wireless customers may experience lost calls and ineffective attempts sporadically due to equipment limitations or topographical or atmospheric conditions -They are working on it! In fact, Verizon Wireless continues to test and improve our network and service every single day.

Verizon's commitment to quality and customer service gives new meaning to their motto :
    "We Never Stop Working for You."