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Easter Seals Goodwill Industries

Not for Profit - Charitable
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Easter Seals Goodwill Industries Rehabilitation Center, Inc., as we are known today, was born as a result of affiliations, collaborations and subsequent mergers with other community service providers in Greater New Haven. What has emerged is a progressive, community-based organization committed to its mission to enhance employment opportunities and the quality of life for people with disabilities and other special needs.

Interested in working for Easter Seals Goodwill Industries?

Our staff are recognized for their creativity and commitment to quality while fulfilling the mission to enhance employment opportunities and the quality of life for people with disabilities and other special needs. There are many ways to join our team - on our vocational staff or as part of our retail sales force, producing sales revenue to support client services. Whatever your role, employment at Easter Seals Goodwill Industries promises to be a rewarding and challenging experience. We are proud to be a leader in providing innovative services to individuals with disabilities and other special needs.

Our Services

If you or someone you know is an adult with a disability or other special need and is interested in being employed, our employment and training services can help. All of our services are designed to assist individuals achieve their personal employment goals. Our Employment Services staff will assist each person to design a service plan that addresses his/her individual interests and needs.

Available services are listed below and can be selected individually or as part of a continuum of services leading to employment:

  • Pre-employment Services
  • Individual Employment Services
  • Long-term Supported Employment Services
  • Day Services
  • Resources
    Easter Seals Goodwill Industries Expertise

    Let Easter Seals Goodwill Industries be your resource for disability and other related issues. Nationwide, as many as 54 million Americans have a disability. Look around you, and you'll find people of all abilities who are vital participants in their communities despite the barriers they may encounter. Your neighbor may have an injury resulting from a motor vehicle accident or your co-worker may have a child with mental retardation. Your cousin may have cerebral palsy or a friend may have been recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis - or maybe you are one of every five Americans with a disability.

    The barriers people with disabilities and other special needs face, whether physical or otherwise, begin with people's attitudes - attitudes often rooted in misinformation and misunderstanding. Easter Seals Goodwill Industries provides answers to help people create solutions, change lives, through the power of work.