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FirstGroup America

HQ: Cincinnati, OH   |   10,000 - 25,000 employees  |  
FirstGroup America (FGA) is part of FirstGroup plc—one of the largest passenger transport groups in the world. Headquartered in Aberdeen, Scotland and traded on the London Stock Exchange. FirstGroup is the largest surface transportation company in the UK, running one out of every five buses, as well as running 4,500 train services every day including regional, intercity, and commuter lines and freight services. FirstGroup is the leader in safe, innovative, reliable, sustainable transport services - global in scale and local in approach.

FGA is comprised of five business lines: First Student which provides school bus transportation and charter services, First Transit which provides transit contracting & management services, First Services which provides vehicle maintenance & ancillary services, First Canada which provides school transportation as well as Transit management and contracting services, and Greyhound which provides scheduled inter-city bus transportation services in the United States and Canada.
Each one of our 87,000 employees worldwide must live the mantra, If you cannot do it safely—don’t do it. Every person ultimately has a bearing on whether or not people of all ages are being transported safely, so individuals that tend to succeed with our organization take this mantle of trust very seriously. We have a dynamic organization constantly growing which is why it’s critical that people considering our organization find change exciting. We are constantly evolving at FirstGroup America, and we need professionals that enjoy riding a very steep growth curve and are able to navigate the challenges that naturally follow.

Our aim is to transform travel by providing public transport services that are safe, reliable, high quality, personal and accessible. We aim to be the employer of choice in the transportation industry because employees are our number one asset and key to our success. We do this by making significant investment in the training and development of all our employees across the Group.

We have had a dynamic past, are enjoying an exciting present, and are looking forward to a future that holds a tremendous amount of opportunity.

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First Student
First Student, Inc. is responsible for safely transporting 6 million students to and from school every day. First Student is able to leverage significant economies of scale, global resources, capital investment, experience and systems expertise for our customers to provide cost effective solutions for all of the following needs: full turnkey contracting, bus leasing and maintenance, management contracting and charter bus rentals. The safety and security of the students we transport is our primary focus and mission. Our mission statement expresses the serious nature of our business, and the precious nature of our cargo: First Student is committed to transforming student travel to ensure the safest, most reliable journey for our children through continuous training of all employees and the development of innovative technology.

Being a preferred employer is one of our FIRST priorities at First Student. Our commitment to promotion from within is one factor that has brought us to that goal and has provided hundreds of opportunities for employees at all levels. Many of our employees have advanced through our organization to achieve their maximum potential through on the job training and continuing education.


  • First Student Transports 6 million students to and from school every day

  • Operates in 38 US states

  • Operates 54,000 buses

  • Operates 605 locations

  • Employs 51,000 people

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First Transit
First Transit is the largest private sector provider of transit management and contracting which manages public transport systems on behalf of transit authorities in cities such as Los Angeles, Houston and Denver.

First Transit has over 51 years of experience in fixed-route, paratransit, and shuttle services at the national and local level including brokerage call centers, on-demand response, inmate transportation, universities, and much more. We are also one of the largest providers of airport shuttle bus services in the US, serving airports in cities such as Baltimore, Philadelphia and Miami.

In the ever-changing transit industry, First Transit has found that there are three major concerns for most public agencies providing transportation services; the first concern is safety, quality and cost effectiveness. One of First Transit’s goals is to achieve a perfect balance of those three critical elements.

While efficient transportation management and operations are the cornerstones of our service delivery, each of our partnerships depends completely on the quality and capabilities of our employees. From recruiting, hiring, and retaining operators, supervisors, managers, and skilled maintenance technicians to developing career-focused transit managers, First Transit relies on having the right people in the right jobs.

  • First Transit covers more than 260 million annual fleet miles
  • Carries around 150 million passengers each year
  • Operates in 41 US states and Puerto Rico
  • Operates 6,700 buses
  • Operates in 235 locations
  • Employs 14,000 people

First Transit Website
First Vehicle Services
First Vehicle Services is the largest public sector provider of vehicle maintenance and ancillary support services in the US. We provide fleet maintenance for private and public sector customers such as the Federal Government, cities and fire and police departments. We also provide a range of services including vehicle maintenance, logistics support and facilities management to public and private sector clients including the US Navy and US Air Force.

The Quality Policy First Services posts at every service center reinforces the commitment to providing exemplary customer service through:
  • Employee involvement, empowered employees, teams, education and training
  • Leading-edge processes, techniques and technologies
  • Respect and ethical treatment for our suppliers, co-workers, customers, stakeholders and community
  • Lean Six Sigma and other problem solving and analytical tools

    • First Services operates in 31 US states and five international locations
    • Operates in 146 facilities
    • Maintains over 51,000 vehicles
    • Employs 1,000 people
    First Vehicle Services Website
Founded in 1914, Greyhound Lines, Inc. is the only national provider of intercity bus transportation across North America. It has become an American icon, providing safe, enjoyable and affordable travel to millions of passengers each year. The Greyhound running dog is one of the most-recognized brands in the world.

While Greyhound is well known for its regularly scheduled passenger service, the company also provides a number of other services for its customers. Greyhound Courier Express service offers value-priced same-day and early-next-day parcel delivery to thousands of destinations. And the company's Greyhound Travel Services unit offers charter and tour packages for businesses, conventions, schools and other groups at competitive rates. Being a part of the largest ground transportation carrier in North America is not just a job—it’s a career. Our goal is to provide the opportunity for anyone to travel throughout North America with safety, dignity and convenience. Greyhound is a great place to work and offers competitive pay plus excellent health benefits and 401k plan.

  • Carries 24.8 million passengers every year, covering 6.2 billion passenger miles
  • Operates throughout North America
  • Destinations in 48 US states and 10 Canadian provinces / territories
  • Operates 2,300 buses
  • Serves 2,300 destinations, including around 180 Greyhound terminals
  • Employs 8,000 people

Greyhound Website
First Canada
First Canada is a leading provider of transit management and contracting services, as well as school transportation. We provide full turnkey contracting by taking care of every element of school transportation, from providing buses and planning route schedules to staffing the terminals and managing waste.

We provide management contracting by drawing on the insight of some of the savviest and most innovative professionals in the industry.

First Canada provides a full range of services on top of school transportation; including transit management, fixed-route, demand-response, elderly and disabled services, and management consulting needs.

  • First Canada operates 11,300 buses
  • Operates in nine provinces and one territory
  • Operates 117 locations
  • Has revenues around US$480m per year
  • Transports 700,000 students to and from school every day
  • Employs 12,300 people

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FirstGroup America (Headquarters)

600 Vine Street

Suite 1400

Cincinnati, OH 45202

Telephone: +1 (513) 241-2200