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Employer Quick Look

Oasis Outsourcing


Oasis Outsourcing one of the nation’s
largest Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) providing Human Resources,
Employee Benefits, Payroll, and Risk Management services on an outsourced
basis. With annual revenue exceeding $6.2 billion, Oasis Outsourcing is a
global leader in the PEO Industry. Serving almost 6,000 clients and 200,000
worksite employees throughout the United States, we understand all facets of
human resources management. 

The financial strength of Oasis Outsourcing contributes to the stability of the
products and services that we provide for our clients. Our principal investor
is Stone Point Capital, LLC, a private equity firm that manages the Trident


Oasis Outsourcing has consistently exceeded industry standards by providing clients with a high level of personalized services and by aggregating the buying power of its member companies to provide cost savings and synergies. Our competitive advantages include a seasoned Management Team, a full service a la carte menu of human resources and staffing alternatives, attractive insurance options, stringent underwriting guidelines, strong partnerships with complementary business organizations, a strong Mission and Values Statement and the backing of a financially solid parent corporation with an impeccable reputation in the business-to-business services industry. In addition, Oasis Outsourcing has successfully completed a Statement on Auditing Standards SOC 1 Type II (formerly SAS 70) audit. The SOC 1 Type II (formerly SAS 70)  audit is an in-depth audit developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) to test the processes and internal controls of service providers as they relate to data security and storage, system utilization monitoring, client payroll processing, tax filings and more. Oasis Outsourcing has many valued Partners. Some of these partners help us provide the services we are able to offer to our clients.

Mission & Values

The Oasis Mission and Values
Statement is much more than a compilation of words. Developed by our employees,
the Statement is very much a part of our culture. We pride ourselves on living
up to these principles in everything that we do throughout our organization.
For example, when a key decision is being made, it is not uncommon to hear
someone ask if the decision is consistent with our Mission and Values. Now
that’s a true sign of living and breathing this very important Statement!


Offer Fortune 500-Type
Employee Benefits
 Small businesses usually start with big ideas, which are
generally the vision of the founder or management team of the business. To turn
those ideas into reality, a motivated employee base is necessary. To recruit
and retain the very best employees in today’s marketplace, you must offer a
competitive employee benefits package that offers affordable health insurance
and a 401(k) plan at minimum. The PEO relationship with Oasis Outsourcing
enables you to do just that. We provide employee benefits management services
customized to meet your needs. As a PEO, Oasis Outsourcing can help you design
an employee benefits package that will enable you to compete with Fortune 500
companies for the best employees while meeting your financial and business
objectives. Because Oasis Outsourcing administers these employee benefits
programs, our clients and their employees can simply relax and reap the rewards
while we take care of the details. 

Manage Health Insurance Costs
you choose one of the health insurance plans offered through Oasis Outsourcing,
not only will you enjoy the affordable health insurance rates, but you’ll have
peace of mind knowing that in recent years Oasis Outsourcing has had average
annual health insurance rate increases that are substantially lower than the
industry average. This industry-leading employee benefits management service
enables you to better contain your health insurance costs. Speaking of
containing costs, our employee benefits plans (including our health insurance
and retirement plans) pose no administration expense or administrative burden
to our clients. Key offerings in our benefits portfolio include:

Health and Other

Savings Plans

and Support

Employee and
Legal Advocacy

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities  Thank you for your interest in
exploring career opportunities with Oasis Outsourcing!

Oasis is
a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) headquartered in West Palm Beach, FL
with annual revenue exceeding $6 billion. Founded in 1996, we have enjoyed
steady growth and are ranked as one the nation’s largest PEOs. We are a
flexible and entrepreneurial organization offering solid products and customer
service, which have earned us an excellent reputation in the PEO industry. In
addition, we offer our employees a competitive benefits package including
health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, a 401(k) plan with employer
contribution, short- and long-term disability plans, employee discounts and
much, much more. 

At Oasis, our greatest asset is truly our people. They represent
both our most important responsibility and our greatest opportunity. Much is
written in business publications about generating sustainable competitive
advantage with products and services created to gain an edge in an increasingly
competitive marketplace. Our people are a critical element in being able to
accomplish this. Our people observe customer issues and needs and translate
them into product and service offerings which generate business opportunities
and growth. Our people provide outstanding service to our customers to ensure
that we keep the customers we have. And ultimately, it is only our people who
can generate the innovative ideas that lead to sustainable competitive

Operational PEO Careers 
Operational careers are the backbone of Oasis. The people we hire for these
positions help to make the company successful. Oasis offers operational PEO
careers in IT, Benefits, Payroll, Human Resources, Workers’ Compensation,
Underwriting, Accounting, Marketing and Administration. Our major operational
centers are located in West Palm Beach, Sarasota, San Diego, Tampa and

Sales Careers
When it comes to sales, Oasis believes in selling with integrity. Our
Professional Employer Consultants have this integrity, as well as the drive to
succeed in a production-oriented environment. Oasis provides extensive training
and support to our Professional Employer Consultants and offers spirited
competition and additional earnings potential through our use of monthly,
quarterly and annual contests including The President’s Club, our Rewards and
Recognition Program and our Leader Board. Our sales offices are located
throughout the United States. 

If you are interested in helping Oasis Outsourcing maintain a sustainable
competitive advantage with your skills and abilities, please view current
openings and submit your resume. Your resume and personal information will be
kept confidential.