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GR - Metroplex Management Group

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Metroplex Management Group is a marketing firm that specializes in marketing programs for our clients’ products and services. The client base for Metroplex Management Group has expanded into representing the leaders in Satellite Television and Consumer Electronics. With the unveiling of our new Marketing program, Metroplex Management Group has developed a major presence in some of the country’s largest chain retailers.

Metroplex Management Group was created to acquire and retain customers in a personalized manner for all types of companies. Today, we lead the nation in outsourced marketing and innovative marketing campaigns.

We feel we can complement our clients niche with a superior marketing and sales team to keep them busy doing what they do best. With hundred of representatives nationally, our one-on-one approach allows us to get personal with our clients’ customers.
Career Opportunities
Management Training Program

This is where thousands of successful careers are launched – including our current CEO. Nearly all of our employees start in this program. You will learn our business from the inside out – taking care of customers, developing marketing plans and working with an energetic team of professionals. You’ll see just how much influence you can have on our future and on your own. As you progress through the program, you’ll see many more career options open to you.

It’s time to GO

Whether you’re right out of school or looking for something more out of your career, the Management Training Program will put you in a position to succeed immediately. You’ll learn how to run a million-dollar business, maximize profits and motivate a team of professionals, while having fun along the way.

Right out of school?

Take your first step to success. You’ll quickly learn that we hired you to eventually run your own business. And you’ll have the opportunity to work with people as motivated and driven as you. You’ll bring your degree to the table, and we’ll help you make crucial business decisions in no time.

Have some experience already?

We promote based on performance, not seniority. So if you’re looking to move quickly, our Management Training Program is for you. We’ll take your existing knowledge and your drive to succeed, and supplement it with training that will help you climb to the top.

Where leaders learn to lead.

We start with orientation and classroom training. After you’re assigned to a local branch office, your hands-on training begins. You’ll work with and learn from capable mentors who were once in your shoes. Does it work? Absolutely. Nearly all of our managers and corporate executives started out as Management Trainees — including our Chairman and CEO.


Want to start way out in front? Try our paid Management Internship Program. As a current college student, you’ll learn how to run a million dollar business by working with a team that’s actually running one. You’ll also gain truly marketable skills that will prepare you for a successful career after graduation.

There’s only one internship program like this.

That’s because there’s only one Metroplex Management Group. Every year we turn paid internships into real, substantial career-building tools. And no, you won’t spend your time fetching cups of coffee or making coffee. You’ll learn what it takes to run a successful business because that’s what you’ll help do.

Along the way, you’ll also participate in contests and competitions with other interns, building relationships, honing your entrepreneurial skills and gaining experience. You’ll take on the same challenges as our first and second year full-time professionals. Even better, at the end of your internship, you’ll make a presentation to your management team covering the business topics you learned throughout the program.

You put the GO in GO-getter

As part of our Management Internship Program, you must be ambitious, creative, personable, resourceful, fun loving and hard working. As you’d imagine, everyone else in the program is just as motivated as you. If you’re ready, the business training you’ll receive will put your skills, your attitude and your resume way out in front.
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