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Education Affiliates is focused on building a network of post-secondary schools with diverse offerings. The post-secondary education industry is attractive because it is driven by favorable macroeconomic and societal trends. These trends include:

Increasing Perceived Value of Post-Secondary Education: There is a growing income disparity between those with post-secondary training and those without, driven by the increased demand and need for skilled labor.

Growing Enrollment Base: Growth in the enrollment base for post-secondary education is being driven by overall population growth, the increasing number of high school graduates choosing post-secondary programs over traditional community colleges, and the increasing need for retraining the adult workforce.

Growing Need for Skilled Professionals: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics cites better than average growth in a wide array of skilled professions. These include: medical assistants, dental assistants, dental hygienists pharmacy assistants, practical and registered nurses, insurance coders, cosmetologists, HVAC technicians, welders, and commercial drivers, among others.
Career Opportunities
Education Affiliates provides local employers with interns and job candidates equipped with the skills today's employers need. When your company needs an intern or is looking for a trained employee in one of the fields we teach, call our Career Services Center or use our Employer Information Form below and find the right person for the job quickly, effortlessly, and at no cost to you.

Students are encouraged to sit for professional certification examinations in their majors.
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