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Titleist Premier Consulting, Inc.

Sales - Marketing, Retail, Training
HQ: Chattanooga, TN   |   250 - 500 employees  |  
TPC Knoxville is a direct sales and marketing company, representing some of the most recognizable Fortune 500 companies. We are currently considered the #1 business partner for outsourced representation in Tennessee; having already received several awards based on quality of services rendered and volume of customers delivered.

We specialized in face to face interaction with current and prospective customers in orders to deliver a personalized presentation of specific products, promotions, and incentives for our client. We take pride in providing a high level of service and professional directly to their target audience and guarantee a constant increase in market share, without compromising their brand integrity.
At TPC Knoxville we strive to provide a positive, team oriented, environment where people work together to learn new skills, refine talents, an grow on a daily basis. Whether you’re with us to accomplish a career objective, or merely to gain business experience, we invest our time proportionate to what employees are willing to invest in themselves. We encourage a student mentality, from the owner down, in order to learn from one another. We refer to it as a "student/teacher-teacher/student" relationship to prevent overlooking valuable experience and insights that could contribute to our continued success; we believe everyone in an organization has something to contribute.
Career Opportunities
Learn the basics of outsourced representation.

Learn the framework of delivering a consistent message and how to engage customers in conversation

Entry Level
Develop the ability to deliver consistent results, while refining skills and increasing confidence.

Account Representative
Learn the basics of training others while taking on small scale office responsibilities.

Learn to "Be The Example" of what it takes to be successful in our company.

Company Trainer
Earn the right to constantly train and develop new account representatives.

Become an integral part of the TPC Knoxville growth.

Team Leader
Manage a team of account representatives, learning to attain team goals while managing a small group.

Assistant Manager
Learn how to manage on a larger scale while being trained in business management, financial aspects of running an office, and how to build a relationship with current and prospective clients.

Be responsible for running another campaign, handling another client, and overseeing another office; either in our current market or by expanding into another city.
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