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The goal of CLA’s career-development strategy is to enrich your mind, grow your professional capital, and build your marketplace value. We aim to be a place where people want to work, with multiple career paths available for you to grow professionally and personally within our firm — or even to become a highly sought after CLA alumni should you find growth opportunities outside our firm as well.
CLA at a glance

  • A professional services firm offering public accounting, wealth advisory, and outsourcing.
  • Helping clients realize their dreams through our deep experience in more than 25 industries
  • 3,600 people, including 500 principals.
  • More than 1,550 CPAs on staff.
  • 90 locations nationwide.
  • Honoring the trust of our clients and communities for more than 60 years.
  • A career-building firm developing our people’s unique strengths and marketplace value.
Client service approach
We help businesses, governments, nonprofits, and the individuals who own and lead them. Our professionals practice in specific industries to deliver audit, tax, consulting, and outsourcing capabilities best aligned with our clients’ needs, while our integrated wealth advisory services address their personal financial goals.
Rethinking career growth
Career growth is not about climbing up a ladder or acquiring new titles. It’s how you develop through your experiences learning your profession, taking on different roles, serving clients, working with others, expanding your skills and expertise, and stepping up to lead.
At CLA, we strive to provide you with a rich variety of those necessary experiences—and the freedom to choose the geographic location, industry, business line, and service niche you want to learn and grow in. Our industry-driven approach, seamless delivery of services, and focus on not just private businesses and community organizations but also the people who own and lead them, all give you the chance to stretch and grow as a professional and create a unique and personal career path.
And because growth isn’t always something you can predict with precision, we welcome you to move in and out of the different tracks as your life circumstances, work experiences, and career aspirations change.
Committed to your professional success
We believe it’s important to provide core training to our new hires. Our associate learning program will give you a strong knowledge base in audit, tax, and business skills. After completion, you will continue to grow and learn through our specialized learning courses designed for all levels of professionals in our firm.
Additionally, you’ll be assigned a career coach with whom you’ll work closely to determine your industry or service area specialization. From day one, we’ll start talking about and working toward your goals.
Empowering you to own your career
CLA empowers you to personalize a career plan in a way that balances your individual strengths and passions with the strategies and needs of the firm. Everyone at CLA can pursue a path that is best aligned with his or her individual talents.
No matter where you are and what you’ve accomplished in your career, whatever lies ahead is unique to you. Dream big, stretch your comfort zone, and take advantage of the opportunities you have at CLA to create a career that is tailored for you!

Career Opportunities
Our learning programs and on-the-job experiences are designed to attract and enrich people who want to develop themselves into well-rounded business and financial professionals, while pursuing their chosen specialty.
You'll benefit from access to a national network of highly specialized industry professionals — people who understand the strategic, operational, and regulatory issues that affect your business. We deliver industry-focused audit, accounting, advisory, wealth management, tax, and outsourcing services, tailored for private businesses and their owners, public sector organizations, and individuals.