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Life Care Centers of America

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Life Care Centers of America traces its   roots to the establishment of the first facility, known as Garden   Terrace Convalescent Center, in Cleveland, Tenn. Built by Forrest L.   Preston in his hometown, it opened on January 4, 1970.

Between 1970 and 1976, Mr. Preston developed a total of six centers -   five in Tennessee and one in Florida. Realizing he could not personally   manage all six, he incorporated Life Care Centers of America on January 6, 1976, to become the management company for these properties and any others that might be built or acquired.

The corporate offices are in Cleveland, Tenn., near Garden Terrace   which has been renamed Life Care Center of Cleveland. The company has   grown to more than 260 skilled nursing, assisted living, retirement,   home care and Alzheimer's centers in 28 states - from Massachusetts on   the Eastern Seaboard to Hilo, Hawaii, in the West.

The company has six operating divisions, with headquarters in   Burlington, Mass.; Indianapolis, Ind.; Denver, Colo.; Scottsdale, Ariz.;   and Seattle, Wash.; in addition to Cleveland, Tenn.

Life Care's corporate culture is grounded in the Judeo-Christian   ethic of treating people - residents, families, associates and others -   with compassion, dignity and respect in the provision of quality care   and services to those who need them
Our Mission

Life Care Centers of America is committed to being a premier   provider of long-term health care. It is our desire to be the facility   of choice in any community in which we operate. Our programs, services   and facilities must be designed and operated with superior quality in   order to satisfy the needs of our customers.