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Employer Quick Look

Blitz, Inc.

Sales - Marketing, Consulting, Training
HQ: Bellevue, WA   |   < 100 employees  |  
Blitz Inc reviews companies’ marketing strategies and implements professional representation to support their sales and marketing efforts. Companies contract their representation to the company due to benefit that Blitz Inc marketing solutions provides, i.e. high quality sales, high quality customers, an outstanding customer experience, and an unprecedented speed-to-market. Management from Blitz Inc reviews company standards with employees regarding a high level of professionalism and integrity to further the clients’ goals and initiatives.

Blitz Inc reviews employee performance based on merit and performance, not seniority or tenure. Blitz Inc Bellevue employees enjoy a level playing field where top performers are given quick promotions into management.

As a contracted corporation, Blitz Inc Bellevue reviews expansion plans on a quarterly basis to better serve its clients in additional markets.

Blitz Inc reviews its marketing strategy:
“Since traditional methods of sales and marketing are slowing down, we at Blitz Inc review these strategies in comparison with our direct and personal representation and have concluded that we add an edge to our clients’ current marketing strategies that other companies simply don’t have.”

The results from Blitz Inc Bellevue speak for themselves. The company has tripled its results in the last two years. Through effective strategies i.e. thorough prospecting, evaluating a customer’s needs / wants, in-person presentations, Blitz marketing, closing strategies, up-selling, customer follow-up, and of course the Blitz Inc Bellevue training, Blitz Inc is able to outperform all other forms of direct marketing and sales in today’s fast-paced and dynamic economy.

The main client of Blitz Inc Bellevue is a long-time leader in business products and services. Their client has serviced over 7 million customers and continues to grow their customer-base through their own internal efforts of telemarketing, email, direct mail, and a pristine record of customer satisfaction. Management at Blitz Inc reviews their client's credentials: "Our client is a 5-time award winner of the ‘Bizrate Circle of Excellence Award’ in an industry generating $40 billion in annual revenues. Furthermore, our client and their parent company currently hold a majority of the market-share in their industry. They also have an A+ standing with the Better Business Bureau.

Blitz Inc reviews many philanthropic opportunities throughout the course of a year as well. The company has devoted their efforts in 2013 to the worldwide charity, Operation Smile. Furthermore, we have partnered with one of the best Atlanta internet marketing companies, Force Boost SEO, the so that when we prepare to expand our operations, everything will already be set up perfectly.
Blitz Inc Bellevue boasts an environment in which employees all have equal-opportunity for advancement and are not bound by seniority or tenure. An employee at Blitz Inc reviews this idea: "Performance is a better qualifying indicator for promotion recommendations than seniority. After all, I wouldn't be all that motivated if I couldn't move up in a company!" For more information on Blitz Inc, please visit the Blitz Inc Bellevue blog.
Career Opportunities
What is it like to work for Blitz Inc Bellevue? A manager at Blitz Inc reviews: "Our employees are offered a comprehensive and in-depth training program in which an employee enters at the ground-level and gets exposed to many different facets of business. Through one-on-one coaching and demonstration, as well as on-the-job training, employees gain crucial skills to be able to compete in today’s fast-paced sales and marketing arenas. All training is done right here in Bellevue, WA."

Employees at Blitz Inc Bellevue gain valuable skills including, but not limited to: leadership, teamwork, management, business administration, training of subordinates, motivating sales teams, current marketing trends and theories, sales negotiations, customer service, customer retention, market research, and small business management.
Blitz company initiatives involve a thorough 3-step recruiting process, in-depth and comprehensive training measures, and a performance-based advancement strategy. Once an additional market has been decided, Blitz Inc reviews its top performers progress and determines its next executive manager. Similar to how a stock splits after gaining a certain value, Blitz Inc reviews its current value and saturation levels and splits once a certain market saturation level is obtained.
Contact Blitz Inc
Blitz Inc
12503 Bel-Red Road
Bellevue WA 98005
Blitz Inc Reviews Company Growth Potential
While maintaining the workload of the current client of Blitz Inc Bellevue, the company is planning on undertaking additional companies' sales and marketing efforts in and around the Seattle / Bellevue metropolitan area. For ambitious employees of the company, this means entrepreneurial opportunities into executive management positions.

Blitz Inc reviews several expansion and growth opportunities throughout the course of the year and has established contracts with two Fortune 500 companies in addition the current client.

Along with those two new pending contracts, management at Blitz Inc reviews several additional markets throughout the United States to expand into. These will also require additional managing partners, senior trainers, and support staff.

This expansion process of Blitz Inc Bellevue aids in the company's overall mission to offer more entrepreneurial opportunities than any other company in the area through continual employee development and systems innovation.

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Blitz Inc is located at 12503 Bel-Red Road, Bellevue, WA 98005.