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Uptown Consulting, Inc.

Sales - Marketing
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Uptown Consultants develops comprehensive acquisition and retention programs with a diverse portfolio of Fortune 500 clients. Instead of oversized remote call centers located around the country and the rest of the world, our teams divide and conquer. We open smaller branch locations locally to manage the customer relationships personally and locally. Our clients depend on loyalty to make the long term revenue their shareholders depend on, and loyalty comes from a great customer experience. By managing these accounts locally, the customers go from an 800 number experience, to dealing with a person they’ve met at least once with a smile and handshake and a person they can consistently deal with moving forward.

Career Opportunities

The Management Training Program can take anywhere from 4 months to 1 year to complete, depending on the capabilities, determination and work ethic each candidate puts into the program. No matter if someone wants to pursue a career in Leadership, Coaching, Office Management, Financial Management, etc.; everyone is required to complete the first two phases of the program. The first two phases build a foundation of skills and provides thorough training on proper systems.

Field Training (Approximately 1 month)

As our clients add customers to our ever growing plate, we train our entry level team on the basics of account management; professional presentations, negotiation and persuasion to make them more effective leaders. The foundation of leadership is communication, this phase is a mix of textbook, classroom and hands-on training; giving anyone an opportunity to learn the proper systems to consulting.
Leadership Training (6-16 Months)

The demand for our services requires that everyone in our company learn the fundamentals of leadership long before learning management techniques and procedures. An organization is only as strong as its leaders. We use a wide variety of resources from seminars, textbooks, expert trainers and guest lecturers coupled with hands on application opportunities to develop a well-rounded Executive ready partner.

Business Management Training
Now that someone knows our business, how to teach train and develop; it’s time to learn the business end of things. At this level someone is put into a position to work directly with Fortune 500 Clients. They will be trained on the basics of Corporate Finance, payroll, human resources, public relations, web design, graphic design, and brand development. After the training is complete we will either bring a new client in for our newest partner or find a primer market for them to expand to.

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821 Baxter St. Suite 318
Charlotte, NC 28202

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Office: 980-833-1830
Jessica Hudome