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Sales Talent is a National Sales Recruiting firm. We specialize in the placement of experienced sales professionals and sales management with technology, insurance, medical, pharmaceutical and other B2B industries. Our clients range from the Fortune Magazine's 100 fastest growing to Blue Chips that rank in the Global 100. Our successfully completed searches have covered the top 100 metros in the U.S. and top five in Canada.

On the candidate side of the equation we offer a thorough, open and honest interview process aimed to discover each candidate's strengths, find the right fit and advance their career. We only work with the top 25% of sales professionals as our opportunities are all with A level clients.

With the client side we have two main differentiators. First is our ability to generate a strong pipeline of sales talent in any U.S. or Canadian metro. We can generate 3-5 on target candidates in 2-4 weeks (depending on the difficulty of the search). Our second differentiator is our ability to help our clients create predictive hiring processes that reduce sales force turnover and increase sales. We are students of Top Grading, DDI's behavioral interviewing and we add in our own track record interviewing methodologies. More important than possessing solid theories on prediciting who will perform with your organization we actually have a documentable track record of accomplishing just that for our clients.

We believe that top-tier sales people deserve to love, not like, their jobs. Our goal is to get you there through:

  • Access to opportunities you can't find elsewhere.
  • A vetting process that addresses your deepest fear, being a mis-hire.
  • Taking the time to really know you so that we can present you in the best light.

Career Opportunities

A major part of our evaluation process is centered around determing if an opportunity will advance your career. Our sales recruiters believe a good fit in a career must have the following 2 qualities. First, the opportunity should be a step up in responsibility, pay or sophistication of the sale. Second, the opportunity needs to have long-term potential. Whether you stay with the company or decide to move on five years from now did this opportunity build your resume?

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