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Employer Quick Look

Continental Carbonic Products, Inc


Continental Carbonic Products, Inc. specializes in the manufacture and distribution of dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) and liquid carbon dioxide. Along with sales & rentals of dry ice blasting equipment, we service customers throughout the eastern half of the United States in a variety of industries that use dry ice, including:

  • food processing
  • meat and poultry packing
  • wholesale food distribution
  • in-flight catering
  • laboratory and research
  • mail order/gift food packaging
  • industrial blast cleaning
  • metal shrink fitting
  • pharmaceutical distribution
  • temperature control
  • blood and plasma services

  Continental Carbonic maintains a reliable network of 39 dry ice distribution facilities located strategically throughout our service area. This integrated dry ice distribution network ensures that we can quickly react to our customers' dry ice needs. During our many years in the dry ice and liquid C02 business, Continental Carbonic has seen the use of dry ice expand across industries because of its affordability and versatility. The demand for dry ice continues to grow with the introduction of a technology called dry ice blasting or dry ice blast cleaning. The sale of dry ice blasting equipment, dry ice blasting pellets and dry ice blasting services is an area of rapid growth for our company.

Career Opportunities

Continental Carbonic Products, Inc. is the fastest-growing provider of dry ice and dry ice blasting equipment in the United States. Professional opportunities abound for growing a career with Continental Carbonic.

Goals And Values
  • Deal with each other, customers, and suppliers with fairness and integrity.
  • Outperform the competition by providing customers better service, quality, and price.
  • Satisfy customers so that they become fans and advocates of our company.
  • Remain the low-cost supplier in the markets we serve.
  • Identify and contract for additional production capacity consistent with remaining the low-cost supplier in the market.
Contact Us
Continental Carbonic

3985 E. Harrison Avenue
Decatur, IL 62526
Phone: 217-428-2068
Toll Free: 800-DRY-ICE2
Fax: 217-424-2325