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Monogram Aerospace

Airline - Aviation

With over 120 years of service to the fastener industry, Monogram Aerospace Fasteners has established itself as the recognized leader in blind bolt technology. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Monogram serves the world’s markets through a network of dedicated sales professionals and authorized distributors. Monogram Aerospace is a company dedicated to producing industry leading products: specialty fasteners, temporary fasteners for fixturing and alignment, fastener installation tools, finishing and removal tools and the design of innovative fastener solutions for the aerospace industry.

New Product
Mechanically locked 95 KSI blind bolt for primary structure

The new Mechani-Lok is another first from Monogram Aerospace Fasteners. This MLA series blind bolt is an addition to Monogram’s growing suite of high strength blind fasteners for primary structure. The Mechani-Lok (or MLA) is a two piece, 95 KSI shear strength bolt designed for installation in both laminated composites and high-strength metal alloys. The A-286 cres body and 6-6-2 titanium alloy core bolt are mechanically locked together during assembly at the factory and cannot separate in service.

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3423 South Garfield Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90022-0547
(323) 722-4760 Fax (323) 721-1851