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With over 300 centers in 70 countries, New Horizons is part of the world's largest independent IT training company. Through an integrated and flexible learning approach that ensures that new knowledge can be applied to real life situations, New Horizons delivers a full range of technology and business skills training from basic application and desktop productivity tools to complex and IT systems. As a learning solutions provider for many of the industry's top vendors, such as Microsoft and Cisco, New Horizons is positioned to offer the latest authorized curriculum delivered by certified instructors to keep you on the cutting edge of information technology.


New Horizons offers a full range of technology, applications and business skills training from desktop productivity tools to complex and integrated business systems.

Over the past 27 years, New Horizons has provided innovative learning solutions that have transformed businesses and helped more than 25 million students advance their career goals.


In a challenging professional marketplace, managing your career has never been more important. Technology expertise, combined with proven job-role qualifications can help you differentiate your resume, move up the organizational chart, and tackle new professional opportunities. Only Microsoft® offers the breadth of technology, combined with skills-based and job-role training to help you rise to any career challenge. With New Horizons, you have access to career guidance, detailed learning plans, and special offers on certification, instructor-led training, and E-Learning to help you reach your goals.

New Horizons
4775 American Way
Memphis TN 38118
Phone: 901-375-1533

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