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From its beginnings as Lincoln Technical Institute in 1946 to its current status as one of the nation’s leading providers of career education and training, the Lincoln Group of Schools are part of Lincoln Educational Services Corporation ("Lincoln") and are committed to providing students with the quality, hands-on skills and training they need to succeed in an ever-changing employment landscape.

By anticipating workplace skill needs and implementing programs to meet those needs, Lincoln schools are able to provide students with valuable career skills and employers with qualified employees. Lincoln also provides custom-designed classes and programs to meet the education and training needs of corporate and government clients.

Lincoln Educational Services Corporation is a leading and diversified for-profit provider of career-oriented post-secondary education. Lincoln offers recent high school graduates and working adults degree and diploma programs in five areas of study: automotive technology, health sciences, skilled trades, business and information technology and hospitality services. Lincoln has provided the workforce with skilled technicians since its inception in 1946. Lincoln currently has over 50 campuses in 17 states under the following brands: Lincoln College of Technology, Lincoln Technical Institute, Lincoln College of New England, Nashville Auto-Diesel College, Euphoria Institute of Beauty Arts and Sciences, and Lincoln Culinary Institute.

Career Planning

Lincoln helps you get the training you need to begin a new career.

During your education with Lincoln, we’ll also work closely with you to make sure that your training and career goals are synchronized for the best possible result.

From deciding which courses will be most valuable to your specific field of interest to suggesting ways you can reinforce your training and get first-hand experience, including professional internships and volunteer work in your chosen profession, our Admissions Representative will help you tailor your education specifically to you.

And if your ultimate goal is to become self-employed, we can offer you valuable career guidance and insights about managing new and small businesses that will help you get off to a great start at being your own boss.

Enroll at Lincoln and meet with one of our Admissions Representative to start your future now.

Career Services

It's not just what you know, it's who you know…and that's where Lincoln’s Career Services comes in. Each of our individual campuses has a dedicated Career Services Department designed to assist students with the foot in the door needed to start a new career after graduation. We are here to answer all of your questions about employment or discuss any concerns you might have.

A Lincoln education is an investment in your future that pays for itself. With more than 65 years of experience in helping to launch skilled, qualified graduates in successful careers, we know we can help you launch yours. As soon as you enroll at Lincoln, we start advising you on the best way to chart your personal career path and use your education and training for optimum success.

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